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How To Increase Female Fertility

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14 September, 2011

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How To Increase Female FertilityAre you trying to get pregnant for the last few months with no results? This is not a very unlikely scenario nowadays as the cases of fertility problems among women has sharply increased over the past few years. However, that necessarily does not mean that your desire of experiencing motherhood would be a distant dream.

Although a number of medications and different synthetic methods are available to enhance your fertility levels, these also include many side-effects that might have damaging effects. So, the best solution to boost your fertility levels is opting for natural alternatives which are a lot safer as well as inexpensive.

You only need to undertake few steps to considerably augment your chances of conceiving. By following the series of steps listed below not only will you boast your chances of getting pregnant but you would also end up creating a much more healthy environment for the baby.

Follow A Good Diet Plan

The basic step that should be undertaken to increase your chances of getting pregnant is improving your diet and ensuring that you are consuming all the nutrients in the adequate proportions.

Include food items rich in folic acid, vitamins, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, antioxidants as well as amino acids as these nutrients augment fertility levels. At the same time, also drink lots of water everyday to boost your metabolism and improve your bowel movements.

Avoid Drinking And Smoking

Scientific evidences have indicated that alcohol interferes with the fertility levels of the body and it can reduce your chances of conceiving by almost half. Smoking is also known to result in fertility issues while also hindering the normal progression of pregnancy. At the same time, also stay away from caffeine based beverages as you try to get pregnant as caffeine is known to interfere with fertility.

Check Your Weight

Maintaining optimum weight is also considered to be of paramount importance in deciding your levels of fertility. Being underweight or overweight might hamper your chances of getting pregnant and so, maintaining the right weight is really crucial to keep your fertility high.

While eating right is one way of keeping your weight at an optimum level, exercising can help you shed the extra kilos. Exercising at least three times a week will be helpful in keeping your weight in check.

Reduce Stress

Trying to conceive but not being able to do so can indeed be very frustrating for any woman. However, the anxiety and stress will only make matters worse for you as it reduces fertility levels and makes its all the more difficult for you to get pregnant. Keeping a positive attitude and maintaining a nutritional lifestyle can actually work wonders for you in helping you conceive.

Time Sex During High Fertility

In the monthly cycle of a woman, there are only a few days when her fertility levels are high and the chances of getting pregnant are more. Having sex during this period maximizes your chances of conceiving to a large extent. So, you should be increasingly aware of that time in your monthly cycle when your fertility levels are at an all time high in order to boost your chances of conceiving.

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