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How To Improve Male Fertility

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15 September, 2011

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How To Improve Male FertilityFertility issues in men leads to difficulty in conceiving among 40 per cent of the couples. There are multiple factors that result in the fertility problems among males which include sperm disorders, hormonal issues, inability to get erection or maintain it, genetic defects, testicular injury or blockages in the tubes of the male reproductive system that carry the sperm.

Despite the fact that there is no ultimate antidote to fix the fertility issues, there are surely few ways to boost the male fertility by improving sperm count as well as quality. Here is a list of steps that can be undertaken to enhance the fertility among men and improve their sexual health.

Improve Your Diet

In a bid to keep fertility issues at bay, having a balanced meal plays a pivotal role. Scientific evidences have shown that men who consume more fruits and veggies are more likely to father a child in comparison to those who cut out these from their diet.

Antioxidants which are found in large quantities in both fruits and veggies protect the sperms from damage that might affect their motility. A recent study indicated that men who intend to father a child should include at least five servings of different kinds of fruits and veggies in their diet everyday.

Quit Smoking And Reduce Drinking

Leading a healthy life is believed to play a very important role in increasing fertility among men and have an overall positive effect on their sexual health. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption are the basic steps that need to be taken to maintain a healthy life and in the long run boost the ability to father a child.

Avoid Excessive Heat

If you really love indulging yourself in hot bath and saunas, here is a disappointing piece of news for you. Health experts emphasize that men should refrain from taking prolonged soaks in hot bath and saunas as the heat has a detrimental effect on the quality and motility of sperms. At the same time, you should also avoid wearing very tight boxers which is believed to affect your sperm quality in the long run.

Natural Supplements Intake

Minerals such as zinc and selenium are known to accentuate sperm production and are instrumental in improving your chances of getting your partner pregnant. Studies have hinted that consumption of adequate amount of minerals is important as they improve sperm quality, chances of conception and subsequent pregnancy. Apart from the minerals, vitamin C and E are also vital when it comes to the health of the sperm.

Exercise Regularly

Regular physical activity is important not only for maintaining good health but also inĀ improving your fertility. Exercise will benefit the blood circulation which is pivotal for keeping your reproductive system healthy. Moreover, exercising also helps you to have greater control over erection and ejaculation while enhancing orgasms.

Reduce Stress

Stress has been associated with reduced levels of testosterone in the body which has an adverse effect on fertility. Research has shown that at times of stress, less amount of testosterone is produced in the body which hampers fertility.

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