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How To Get Rid Of Body Odor

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17 October, 2011

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Get Rid Of Body OdorMost of us think that perspiration causes body odor. But perspiration by itself is odorless. Body odor is caused when sweat cells come in contact with bacteria present on the skin. Actually, the root of the body odor problem lies within the body. It is the sign that indicates that there may be something wrong in the digestive system or some other system of the body.

For instance, any sort of imbalances in metabolism causes body odor more strongly. A common belief is that it is natural to have body odor and not much can be done to prevent it, other than using deodorant etc. to suppress the smell. But this is not true.

Right medication, healthy diet, some lifestyle changes and supplements can help to fight body odor and can even eliminate it completely for life time. People who practices good hygiene and follow a healthy, clean diet do not suffer from body odor problem. The best remedies to eliminate body order problem is to attack the root causes that are responsible for this problem.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Body Odor

Lifestyle Changes

If you are suffering from constant body odor problem, you need to make certain lifestyle changes. Changes in diet, practicing good hygiene like daily bathing and changes in clothing styles are some of the remedies that will help you to get rid of this body odor problem.


To remove bacteria from the skin, take bath daily and clean the armpit and groin area thoroughly with the help of a soapy washcloth where bacteria thrive more. Use antibacterial soap instead of regular soap. For more serious body odor problem, one can mix three cups of tomato juice in a tub of water and soak for fifteen minutes.


Wear loosely fitting clothes instead of tight fitting clothes, so that body can breathe. Avoid clothing and shoes made of synthetic fabric. They don’t allow your body to breathe and encourages bacteria buildup. Wear clothes made of natural fabric and wash them often.

Dietary changes

Dietary changes can also prevent body odor. Certain foods like red meat, garlic, onion, some exotic spices, alcohol and coffee etc. can cause body odor. Eliminate them from your diet for a week or two and find if there is any difference.

Food containing high protein sometimes is not used by the body fully. The unused protein is expelled through excretory organs, including skin. Instead of high protein and fatty food like red meat, switch to healthy alternatives like avocados, seeds and nuts which can provide the body healthy fats and protein.

Also reduce your craving for toxic junk and processed food. Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits to get the nutrients the body needs. Plant based foods contain chlorophyll that helps to cleanse the body.  Improve your digestive system by consuming plants and fiber rich food.

Hormonal Changes

Women going through puberty, menopause or premenopausal phase may experience excessive sweating that result in foul body odor.


Body odor can be the first sign of sickness. Certain disease like diabetes, kidney disease or cancer often contributes to body odor. Smoking also causes body odor.  So avoid smoking.

Alternative Remedy

Mix 1 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water and wash your underarms to reduce underarm odor.


Taking chlorophyll tablets or liquid which is a great deodorizer with your meal can help to eliminate body odor.

Take magnesium supplements or take food high in magnesium. Your body needs 200-500 mg of magnesium. Zinc tablets are beneficial when taken along with magnesium as they help in balancing body’s metabolism.

Folk Remedies

Instead of deodorant, use alcohol, crystal rock, white vinegar, Apple cider vinegar or witch hazel to wipe armpits. Use of dry baking soda or corn starch can kill the bacteria and absorb perspiration.  Use few drops of rosemary essential oil in your bathing water as it is an antibacterial herb.

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