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How To Get Pregnant With PCOS

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18 November, 2011

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How To Get Pregnant With PCOSPolycystic ovarian syndrome is considered as one of the commonest causes that lead to infertility. Up to ten percent of women are known to suffer from PCOS. While not all women are faced with problems conceiving, a majority of them do have a hell of a time getting pregnant due to the hormonal imbalances and associated problems that arise with PCOS.

Why PCOS Can Cause Infertility?

When a woman gets PCOS, she misses her periods regularly. The eggs that remain inside the follicles without being released lead to several ovarian cysts and possible infertility. There is also the problem of insulin resistance and high blood and cholesterol levels that too work against pregnancy.

Finally weight gain around the middle section as a result of higher estrogen levels too can lead to fertility problems in women. Though there is no known cure for PCOS, the condition can well be controlled and pregnancy attained easily with a few lifestyle and diet changes and the use of medications under the monitoring of a doctor.

How To Get Pregnant With PCOS

As conception is definitely not a distant dream with PCOS, here are the necessary steps that you must take in order to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

With PCOS, you can have missed periods and ovulation will be irregular or absent. Talk to a gynaecologist and undertake necessary tests to ascertain your fertility quotient. Hormone imbalances must be set right as progesterone and other hormones essential for attaining pregnancy has to be in perfect balance at the time of pregnancy.

Fertility drugs can help you attain ovulation. This however must be taken only with a doctor’s consent. She might prescribe a low dose fertility drug for this purpose. Drugs like Femera and Clomid are generally prescribed to induce ovulation. It can be taken along with other medications to up your chances of pregnancy.

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Ascertaining your most fertile days is important when you have PCOS. Check the clarity of cervical mucous to see when you are most fertile. You may also calculate the fertile days with your body temperature. Intercourse must be performed during these crucial days.

If your doctor has suggested IUI for pregnancy, these too will be scheduled to be undertaken during the most fertile days of your cycle. Be prepared and remain healthy and stress free for the procedure.

If the fertility drugs do not give any results, doctor might consider hormones that are injectable. However, discuss the possibilities beforehand while you use injectable drugs. They could lead to multiple births in some cases.

When the above mentioned procedures do not work, IVF can be considered. During invitro fertilisation, injectable hormones will be given in order to release more eggs in one cycle. The eggs will be removed and fertilised with the best sperms from your partner. Once the fertilisation takes place, the embryo will be placed into the uterus. IVF cycles are very delicate procedures and therefore it is very essential for the woman to go through the directions given by the doctor to make it a success.

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