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How To Decrease Cholesterol Naturally

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28 October, 2011

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How To Decrease CholesterolIncreased cholesterol is very harmful for the health of an individual. It is very essential for a person to keep the cholesterol level at an optimum level, so that the health remains in good condition. High level of cholesterol has a very bad impact on the health of the heart, hence posing risk of being affected by stroke or heart attack.

Most of the people report the problem of elevated cholesterol to the doctor, who prescribes several kinds of drugs to deal with this health problem.  These drugs have several side effects, with muscle pain, weakness in body, irritation, and memory loss being a few of them. Therefore, taking help of chemically enriched drugs is not a good solution to reduce cholesterol.

It is advised to follow the natural path of decreasing cholesterol, so as to avoid side effects. Natural remedies are quite safe in the long run, and help in dealing with the problem of increased cholesterol in a successful manner. In this article, we shall discuss about a few ways to decrease cholesterol naturally.

Ways To Decrease Cholesterol Naturally

Follow Cholesterol Reducing Diet Plan

First of all, you need to concentrate on your diet, in order to deal with the problem of elevated cholesterol. The consumption of foods enriched with saturated fats and trans-fats should be avoided as far as possible. These fats are very bad for the health of the heart and result in increased cholesterol level. You should focus on eating foods containing good fats like fish, whole grains, and olive oil.

How To Decrease Cholesterol

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Further, fiber rich foods are also regarded to be healthy for the heart and help in reducing cholesterol naturally. All kinds of junk foods, fast foods, refined foods, sweets, and processed foods should be eliminated from the diet, and healthy foods like green vegetables, fresh fruits, low fat dairy products, and fish should be incorporated in the diet.

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Abandon Smoking

Smoking is one of the major reasons for increased level of cholesterol. It has a damaging effect on the blood vessels, and results in hardening of arteries, hence posing heart related risks. Therefore, it is very important for an individual to improve his or her lifestyle by eliminating smoking, thus decreasing cholesterol naturally.

Eliminate Alcohol And Caffeine From Life

Consumption of both alcohol and caffeine has been proved to be very risky for the health of the heart. These two products are highly responsible for increased cholesterol level and hence should be avoided altogether to maintain sound health, and reduce cholesterol.

Do Regular Exercise

Doing some physical activity daily is extremely essential to remain in good health. It is suggested to carry out fifteen to twenty minutes of cardio workouts every day to improve blood circulation throughout the body, hence enabling the heart to function optimally.

How To lower Cholesterol

Also, doing regular exercise would help in maintaining adequate body weight, hence avoiding the risk of being affected by various kinds of health disorders, including heart diseases. Being overweight is one of the major reasons for elevated cholesterol, and therefore maintaining proper body weight is essentially significant for keeping the heart in good health.

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