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How To Cure Typhoid

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24 October, 2011

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Cure TyphoidTyphoid refers to an illness which used to affect large number of people long time back. During the earlier years, this disease was considered to be very severe, and proved to be fatal in many cases. However, due to development of science and technology, several medications are available these days, which help in treating typhoid effectively.

Also, there are various vaccines, which are injected into a child during the early years of life, so as to prevent typhoid. However, such vaccines are not available in case of adults. Therefore, if cases of typhoid are reported in case of adults, antibiotic treatment is the only solution. Typhoid occurs in the form of high fever, which is often accompanied with various other symptoms consisting of nausea, body ache, fatigue, reduced appetite, and diarrhea.

Only a few cases of typhoid are reported now-a-days. The disease mainly occurs due to intake of contaminated water or food. In case, a person is affected by typhoid, it is essential to seek immediate treatment to prevent the problem from aggravating. Typhoid is often diagnosed with very high fever of around 103 degree centigrade or more. In the below section, we shall discuss how typhoid can be treated medically.

Ways To Cure Typhoid

For treating typhoid fever, it is necessary to follow the following steps properly.

Visit The Doctor

People with extreme stomach pain, reduced appetite, and very high fever should immediately plan a visit to the doctor. It is necessary to get the problem diagnosed as early as possible, so that the treatment can be started soon. Any kind of delay may prove to be risky for the life of the patient. The doctor would often suggest going for a stool test to determine if high fever is related to typhoid or not.

Follow Doctor’s Advice

If you are diagnosed with typhoid, then it is strongly recommended to follow doctor’s advice properly. In most of the cases, the doctor suggests to get admitted in the hospital for a few days, so that you get the required antibiotic treatment.

It is not necessary for everyone to respond positively to the first dosage, in which case the doctor may change the antibiotic or increase its dosage. It is advised to extend the stay in the hospital for a couple of days after feeling some improvement in the condition, so that you are able to recover properly. The complete treatment for typhoid fever may take around one and a half to two months.

Follow A Healthy Diet Plan

During the treatment of typhoid fever, it is strongly advised to remain on liquid diet. Fresh fruit juices are the best options. These juices are enriched with antioxidants, which help in boosting up the immune system of an individual, hence helping to fight against the disease.

Also, you must concentrate on drinking plenty of water daily.  You should start eating solid foods, once you leave the hospital. The solid foods should only contain green vegetables and fresh fruits. All kinds of fast foods and junk foods should be avoided altogether.

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