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How To Cure Paruresis

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13 April, 2012

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How To Cure ParuresisParuresis refers to the social phobia characterized by the inability of a person to urinate in public toilets and restroom. This disorder can really interfere with one’s daily life and his/her ability to travel around to attending meetings or simply for recreation.

The condition is also known as shy bladder syndrome. The problem is not physiological as in case of prostatitis where the urine flow is blocked because of the inflammation of one’s prostate.

Paruresis is more of a psychological disorder associated with our urinary system and is basically a social phobia where a person is unable to urinate in public or even in someone else’s house.

They have the fear that someone is waiting for them or listening to them while they use the restroom. Though the problem can be quite disturbing, but the good news is that there are various ways to help a person suffering from paruresis. Here are some of the best ways to cure the problem of paruresis:

Alter Way Of Thinking

Bringing about a change in one’s way of thinking is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in curing paruresis. It is very important for the patient to realize that relieving himself / herself in public restrooms is simply a normal bodily function that every human being has to go through.

How To Cure Paruresis

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It is necessary for them to realize that this act is not about performance or about how fast, how loud or how well they can do it. They must understand that nobody will judge them because of this act. Cognitive behavior therapy has usually proved to be quite effective for helping the people suffering from this disorder.

Rule Out Underlying Medical Problems

It is also very important to rule out the presence of any underlying medical conditions that may be the cause behind your problem. In case there are no such medical problems involved and you can go easily whenever you are alone but face difficulty going in a social situation, you are most probably suffering from paruresis.

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is an extremely beneficial cure for the condition of paruresis. In this therapy, the patient attempts of urinate under stressful situations. However, to do this a person needs to consume lots of fluids before attempting to do the same so that their need to urinate becomes extremely high during the session.

It is extremely important to find a cure for the condition of paruresis as soon as it is detected as it can lead to a number of other medical complications as well including bladder infection.

Not only this, paruresis is actually a progressive condition that becomes worse with passage of time. Most people tend to think that this problem can be managed on its own. But it is important to find a suitable cure in time as the condition would get worse over time and start interfering with their day to day life. Refer to the above mentioned cures in case you are someone you know is suffering from the social phobia of Paruresis.

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