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How To Break Down Fat

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4 January, 2012

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How To Break Down FatExtra body fat is really a disturbing issue. It really puts an individual into embarrassing situation at times. Everyone wants to have slim and trim body.

Most of the people, who want to get rid of extra fat from the body, are on a lookout for effective weight loss drugs and products sold in the commercial market.

However, the commercially available drugs and products for weight loss are not effective in the long run. These products may have side effects like headache and muscle pain. In order to break down fat from the body, it is advised to follow the natural path.

With the aid of eating healthy foods and incorporating exercise in regular life, an individual would be able to get rid of extra weight from the body in a natural way. A few effective ways to burn fat naturally have been discussed in the below section.

Natural Ways To Break Down Fat

Include Fruits in Regular Diet

Fruits enriched with high amount of vitamin C are considered to be effective fat burning fruits. The fat cells would be diluted and the extra fat from the body would be released with the help of ingestion of vitamin C enriched fruits.

Fruits in Regular Diet

A few fruits which are rich in vitamin C include oranges, lime, lemons, and guava. These fruits are rich in vitamin C, and ought to be included in regular diet to flush extra body fat. Apart from vitamin C enriched fruits, it is vital to incorporate fruits that contain pectin to lose weight. Berries and apples are rich in pectin, and should be consumed as a part of healthy diet regimen.

Eliminate Saturated Fats From the Diet

Foods that are rich in saturated fats should be completely eliminated from the diet plan. Saturated fats are unhealthy fats which cause weight gain. All kinds of fast foods, junk foods, and processed foods should be excluded from the diet as a part of healthy diet regimen.

Incorporate protein and soluble fiber enriched rich foods in the diet. High protein foods take longer time for digestion, consequently keeping the stomach feel full for relatively longer time period. Beans are rich in protein and soluble fiber, and should be therefore included in the weight loss diet program.

Saturated Fats From the Diet

Consumption of foods enriched in soluble fiber would flush away all toxins from the body, consequently helping in weight loss process. It is also suggested to include eggs in diet to break down fat as it is a very good source of protein. People suffering from high cholesterol should eat eggs, without egg yolk, to attain effective results with respect to weight loss.

Drink Lot of Water

Drinking ample amount of water on daily basis is very important to get rid of waste from the body. The digestive health would be improved and an individual would be able to witness an improvement in the weight loss process with the aid of intake of around 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Drink Lot of Water

Do Regular Exercise

Apart from concentrating on the foods to burn extra body fat, it is crucial to carry out exercise on regular basis.

Do Regular Exercise

Cardiovascular workouts such as running, jumping, jogging, dancing, and aerobics should be carried out daily for around 20-30 minutes to break down fat.

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