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How To Avoid Anemia

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13 April, 2012

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How To Avoid AnemiaAnemia is defined as a hemoglobin concentration in blood below the lower limit of the normal range. Hemoglobin is an iron containing pigment present in the blood which carries oxygen to the body parts.

Less hemoglobin concentration in blood causes easy fatiguability, tiredness, weakness in the muscles, lethargy and headache. When the hemoglobin concentration is below 12g/dl in males and 11g/dl in females, then an individual is said to have anemia. Millions of people suffer from anemia.

Common Causes Of Anemia

Nutritional disorders, diarrhea, malabsorption, parasitic infestations are some of the common causes of anemia. Iron deficiency is the commonest cause of anemia throughout the world. Iron is essential for synthesis of hemoglobin.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid is required for red cells proliferation to take place. Deficiency of one or both of them will cause disordered red cell proliferation and will lead to megaloblastic anemia.  Various steps to avoid anemia are enlisted in this article. You can follow these tips to evade this condition.

How To Avoid Iron Deficiency Anemia

Diet plays an important role in preventing anemia. To reduce the risk of iron deficiency anemia, one can take iron rich foods. Meat, beans and whole grains are rich sources of iron. One can also cook food in iron containers to enhance the iron contents of food.

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C should be included in the diet. Vitamin C in diet increases iron absorption and reduces the risk of anemia. Decreasing the consumption of carbohydrates will also improve absorption of iron.

How To Avoid Anemia

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Iron rich foods should not be taken with coffee, black tea, red wine, sweet potato, soy products, calcium and vitamin E supplements as these foods inhibit iron absorption. Food stuffs containing oxalic acids like chocolates, cocoa, soda, almonds also restrain the absorption of iron.

So these food stuffs should also be avoided with iron rich foods. During pregnancy and adolescence, the demand of body for iron is increased so in these conditions, iron supplements can be given to prevent anemia.

Steps To Prevent Megaloblastic Anemia

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 or folic acid will cause disordered red cell proliferation and will lead to megaloblastic anemia. In strict vegetarians, dietary deficiency of Vitamin B12 can take place and cause megaloblastic anemia.

The only dietary sources of vitamin B 12 are foods of animal origin such as fish, eggs, kidney, heart and cheese.  In case of vitamin B12 deficiency, patient can take vitamin supplements after consulting his physician.

Inadequate dietary folate intake and malabsorption can lead to folate deficiency megaloblastic anemia. Foods rich in folate such as green leafy vegetables, dried peas and grain products should be included in diet to prevent anemia.

Demand for folate increases in pregnancy, lactation and adolescence so folate supplementation should be increased in these conditions. Alcohol can contribute to folic acid deficiency anemia so it should be taken in moderate amounts.

In case of heavy menstrual blood loss, bleeding peptic ulcer, piles and parasitic infestations, doctor should be consulted for suitable treatment. These conditions cause blood loss and anemia. Main requirement to avoid and cure anemia is to have a healthy and a balanced diet.

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