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How Effective Are Stem Cell Treatments

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6 February, 2012

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Today clinics all over the world advocate the use of stem cell to cure a wide variety of human disease. But are all these treatment safe and effective? For knowing this, we need to know what stem cell is and how stem cell treatment is done. Our body has different types of stem cells that are formed at different times and different places in our lives, each with their typical purpose.

How Effective Are Stem Cell Treatments

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Stem cells are found in embryonic tissues and in adult, tissues in plentiful. These cells are capable of renewing themselves and produce uncountable generations of new cells with their specific abilities to characterize into a specific cell type. By use of stem cell, a damage area of the body can be repaired.

Stem cells have unique potential to develop into almost any cell types. The embryonic stem cells exist at the earliest stage of growth and development of life and different types of ‘tissue-specific’ or adult stem cells appear during fetal development and stays throughout our life in our bodies.

Usually human embryos that are left over during fertility procedure are used to harvest embryonic stem cells. Both types are characterized by their potential to distinguish into different cell types like skin muscles, bone etc.

How Effective Are Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell treatment method has the ability to treat and cure a variety of diseases because they have the capacity to become any type of tissue. For example, when incorporated into a patient’s brain that has been ravaged by disease like Alzheimer’s, they can become healthy brain cells.

In fact, stem cell treatment can bring a revolution in the field of medicine. Stem cell treatment basically consists of removing regenerative healthy cells from patient’s body and providing treatment by transplanting them to the required area.

How Effective Are Stem Cell Treatments

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Though stem cell therapy is a fairly new method of curing disease, yet it has the potential to save many lives.  Due to ethical and moral issues and controversies regarding the use of stem cell for treating different ailments, research in this field could not flourish for decades and the scope for its full healing power has not been realized fully yet.

However, as stem cell has the capacity to reproduce into any form of healthy cell, it has the potential to treat and cure various diseases; especially degenerative genetic disorder like Parkinson’s disease or muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis that affects millions of people.

Stem cell treatment has shown remarkable potential in treating spinal cord injuries as well. Often regenerative cells are harvested from the bone marrow, peripheral blood or fat of the patient.  This is particularly done to avoid the risk of cell rejection by the patient.

The people having ethical or moral issues regarding stem cells do not know that it is not always necessary to harvest stem cell from an embryo. There is unlimited potential to see major advances in this field for curing variety of disease.

Till now, stem cell treatment has been found effective in treating autoimmune diseases, degenerative joint disease, cerebral palsy, type-2 diabetes and different forms of arthritis. It is claimed that after stem cell therapy, patients get relief from pain and discomfort and arthritis patients regain mobility.

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