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Homemade Ingredients For Mole Eradication

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20 September, 2011

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Homemade Ingredients For Mole EradicationMoles, also known as nevi, mainly occur on the skin due to excessive production of pigmented skin cells. The moles are mostly seen on the surface of the skin in the form of dark brown spots, which can occur at any point of time in life. They are also visible in pink, tan, and flesh (color of the skin) tones.

The moles are normally not cancerous in nature, and therefore do not pose any kind of harm. However, moles on the skin appear like ugly spots, which ruin the skin’s beauty. Therefore, most of the people want to get rid of them due to cosmetic factors.

The technological advancements have come with several mole removal techniques like freezing laser and surgical skin shaving which help in getting rid of these ugly spots from the skin successfully. However, these methods are not only costly, but may also have an adverse reaction on the skin.

Also, there are several creams and lotions which are available over the counter so as to reduce scarring.  However, the chemicals present in these products may have a side effect at times. A safer and cheaper alternative to laser and surgical treatments and commercial lotions is use of natural products on the skin for mole eradication.

The natural strategies are quite effective with respect to getting rid of moles from the skin, while helping to decrease the probability of evident scarring.  The section below discusses about some of the best natural mole removal techniques.

Homemade Ingredients For Mole Eradiation

Apple Cider Vinegar For Mole Removal

Apple cider vinegar is very well known for healing skin infections both externally and internally. This natural product is enriched with anti bacterial features and several minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, and sulphur, which are considered to be quite effectual with regard to curing imperfections of the skin.

The surface layer of the skin is exfoliated very well with the help of sulphur content present in apple cider vinegar. Also, the anti-bacterial properties of this homemade ingredient assist with respect to skin exfoliation. The dead cells of the skin are eradicated gradually with the aid of application of apple cider vinegar on the skin at least thrice in a day.

The vinegar should be applied on the moles with the help of cotton ball, and the area should be sealed with an adhesive bandage. This is one of the most successful mole removal techniques which would give effectual results in just two months time.

Castor Oil For Mole Eradication

Application of castor oil on the skin twice in a day is considered to be an effective nevi removal remedy. The lymphatic healing features of castor oil have been known for several years. Also, it has been determined that this oil plays a vital role in improving the health of the skin.

The oil possesses the ability of penetrating the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin, the two topmost layers of the skin, subsequently helping in the destruction of internal scar tissues by way of promoting blood circulation internally.

This assists in production of new cells, and aids in eliminating skin overgrowths like moles. Therefore, it is recommended to rub castor oil on the skin every day in the morning and in the night for getting rid of moles from the skin.

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