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Home Treatment For Asthma

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1 September, 2011

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Asthma is a respiratory problem, in which the sufferer feels out of breath. An individual is not able to breathe in a proper way, as soon as he or she encounters an asthma attack. The problem occurs when the body of an individual is exposed to several allergens like dust, mold, smoke etc.

An asthma attack creates immense inflammation in the lungs, thus disrupting the breathing process. Normally, antihistamines and inhalers are prescribed for immediate relief. However, these medical treatments may have long term side effects due to presence of chemicals.

Therefore, it is advised to follow certain home remedies for asthma, so that the health remains fit and fine, both on short term and long term basis. Vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 help in providing instant asthma cure.

Also, vitamin C is very effective with respect to asthma problem, as it aids in fighting against infections in a very effective manner. Here, we are going to discuss about some effective home remedies for asthma, which would help in treating asthma problem naturally without the need of medical intervention.

Home Remedies For Asthma

Figs For Asthma Treatment

Figs help in curing asthma naturally. It helps the patient to get rid of phlegm, subsequently enabling him or her to breathe properly. It is recommended to clean the figs properly with lukewarm water, and soak them in water throughout the night before consumption.

Lemon For Curing Asthma

Lemon is enriched with loads of vitamin C which helps in curing asthma naturally. It is a very good home treatment for asthma. The juice of lemon should be mixed with water, and then drunk to provide immediate relief from an asthma attack. It is advised to drink diluted lemon juice with meals to prevent asthmatic attack.

Honey For Asthma Cure

Honey is considered to be the most effective home treatment for asthma. It is said that as soon as a person faces an asthma attack, he or she should keep a jug full of honey beneath the nose and inhale honey’s air. This would ease the breathing process within a few seconds.

Bitter Gourd Root For Asthma Cure

The paste of bitter gourd root, when combined with honey, serves as an effectual home treatment for asthma. An individual would remain away from an asthmatic attack, if he or she ensures to consume the mix every night.

Indian Gooseberry To Treat Asthma

A mix of gooseberry and honey is a proven treatment for asthma. It is suggested to consume the mix everyday in the morning as an effective home treatment for asthma.

Ginger For Asthma Treatment

A mix of ginger juice, honey, and fenugreek decoction serves as one of the best home remedies for asthma. It is suggested to consume the mix twice in a day for maximum benefit.

Asthma Cure Via Garlic

A mix of garlic cloves and milk, prepared by boiling the duo together, is an effective natural asthma cure. Drinking ginger and garlic based tea is also an amazing cure.

Asthma Management With Safflower

A mix of honey and safflower seeds’ powder should be ingested twice daily to prevent an asthma attack.

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