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Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

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24 August, 2011

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Tooth Whitening is common with many people all over the world today. The discoloration of the teeth happens due to many factors.The factors are sometimes serious but can be cured if taken care of. Tooth Whitening can be either done with the natural remedies or medication and according to doctors’ advice.

The whitening of tooth becomes concern for those people whose teeth becomes yellow. White teeth is preferred as it is a sign of ethics as well as it makes difference in the looks and appearance of the men and women.

People working in any part of the world want to look good and white teeth adds a lot to the overall look and personality of a person.

Factors Of Discoloration Of The Teeth

Tooth gets discolored for lot of reasons. The common factor is drinking of lot of beverages. Smoking too plays an important role in the teeth discoloration. The stains are called surface stains. Discoloration can also be caused with excessive eating of blue berries or cherries.

Too much of tobacco chewed or smoked also can be cause of the yellowness of the teeth. It is also caused due to tartar deposits in the teeth, as it gets hardened and gets accumulated which changes the color of the teeth. Another type of stains named internal stains is caused by antibiotic called tetracycline.

The reason could be age, death of tooth’s nerve or coloring the teeth some day. Internal stains are also caused by too much of intake of fluoride, the chemical which is generally prescribed during the forming of the teeth.

Home Remedies For Teeth whitening

There are lots of remedies meant for teeth whitening. Some are common all over the world, is adapted, and have been proven successful. One must understand that one should prevent the teeth from getting stains rather than implementing remedy to remove them.

Any kind of beverages like, tea, coffee, alcohol etc should be consumed in minimum amount or should be avoided altogether to prevent stains from getting further deeper.

Usage of tobacco in any form should be completely avoided.You can use hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to whiten your teeth. This remedy has been tried and tested over the ages and have always given perfect smile. All the remedies have its way to be used. Different technique works in different manner for individuals.

White Vinegar with tablespoon of salt also works wonder for tooth whitening. Orange rind which is generally thrown away has great natural property to remove stains.

So next time you pick up a orange, remember that even the peel is useful for your teeth. One can also use the powdered orange rind with crushed basil leaves in equal proportions to clean and get the whitening effect on teeth.

Thus, tooth whitening can be cured with home remedies. Home remedies have definitely proved to be effective in most cases. These remedies work even according to the age.

It also depends with the habits of a person. All factors are taken into be consideration. Therefore, whiten your teeth which works most appropriate for you and keep smiling.

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