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Home Remedies For Itchy Hands

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4 October, 2011

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There are many times when an individual may feel itching and irritation in the hands. Itching in the hands may occur due to several reasons, which may be quite painful at times, thus leading to bleeding. The skin of the hands may get chapped due to persistent itching. There are several creams and lotions, which can be bought from the commercial stores to get relief from itchy hands.

However, the best solution is to follow home remedies, which do not pose side effects. The most effective method of getting rid of itching in hands is to keep them clean and moist. The section below discusses about a few successful home remedies for itchy hands.

Home Remedies For Itchy Hands

A few effective home remedies which would aid in treating itchy hands successfully are discussed below:

Lemon Or Crisco oil

The use of some moisturizing oil on the hands would aid in providing relief from itching in hands. The itchy hands can be treated very effectively by rubbing some Crisco oil on the affected areas. All the dryness from the skin would be gone, and you would be able to feel immense sense of soothing on the skin with the help of this home remedy.

A mix of glycerin and lemon oil, when applied on itchy hands, also aids in treating the problem successfully. Both the oils are moisturizing in nature and help in keeping the hands soft and smooth.


Oatmeal is regarded to be one of the most effective products to get rid of itching in any body area, including the hands. The itching in hands can be treated by dipping the hands in oatmeal based soak for a few minutes. The oatmeal soak is prepared by combining oatmeal with tepid water.

The hands should be placed in this soak for around fifteen to twenty minutes. This would assist in getting rid of itching in hands in a successful way. Further, the hands would also remain moisturized, hence preventing chapping of skin.

Nettle Tea

Drinking a cup of nettle tea every day would aid in getting rid of itching in hands successfully. Nettle tea is a herbal tea, which is believed to treat skin irritation successfully.

Cotton Gloves

It is suggested to wear cotton gloves in hands during night, so that you do not tend to scratch the hands during sleep. This precautionary measure would certainly help with respect to reducing the itching in hands.

Unscented Soaps

Certain scented soaps contain chemicals, which may cause itching and irritation on the skin. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to wash the hands with unscented soaps or lotions, so that itching on the skin is prevented.

Wet Dressing

In case of extreme irritation and itching in hands, it is advised to apply cold water soaked gauze or wash cloth on the affected area of the hands directly. This would aid in providing instant relief from itching in hands.

All the above discussed home remedies for itchy skin would be of colossal assistance in treating the problem. Apart from the above given tips, it is also advised to avoid taking warm baths, and remaining away from sun’s radiation as far as possible, so that the condition does not aggravate.

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