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Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

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26 July, 2011

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Home Remedies For High Blood PressureAs we all know, normal blood pressure in humans is 120/80. Anything more than  140/90 is considered high blood pressure. A person experiences high blood pressure when the pressure of  blood in the coronary arteries is higher than it should be for them to function normally.

A number of factors like stress, tensions, unhealthy eating habits etc. are held responsible for hypertension or high blood pressure. Progressing age can also result in high blood pressure. In order to lead a life free of high blood pressure one must lead a healthy lifestyle free of tensions and stress.

However, most people undergo tremendous amount of pressure due to varied reasons including professional issues, personal problems etc. The good news is that they can normalize their high blood pressure by making certain changes in their lifestyle and by trying certain simple remedies at home. Here is a list of some simple home remedies to keep high blood pressure problems at bay.


A number of people have experienced relief after using herbs to control high blood pressure. One such effective herb to control blood pressure is hawthorn. This herb tends to expand the coronary arteries and hence promotes  better  circulation of blood which in turn reduces blood pressure. Dandelion is yet another herb which works wonders for reducing blood pressure.

It helps by thinning the blood and promoting better circulation of blood in the body. Another herb physillium is known to cleanse the bad cholesterol in the body which tends to block arteries and elevate the blood pressure. You can try these herbs to control your high blood pressure. However, ensure that you consult a reliable herbalist before you try these to know the right dosage and to know what suits you best.

Lemon And Honey

A mixture of lemon and honey in water is known to be the best  detoxifying agent. But it is also believed that the same helps reduce one’s blood pressure as well. This mixture has been used by a lot of people all over the world to shed those extra and unwanted pounds.

Obesity is one of the major factors leading to high blood pressure. This mixture helps reduce weight and also controls the cholesterol levels in the body. So people suffering from high blood pressure can have this few times a day to control the same.


Garlic is a rich source of antioxidants and is great for health because of the presence of sulfur in it. Garlic is known to be one of the best blood thinning agents. It is one of the best natural anticoagulants and is used to cure a number of ailments.

One can have about 1-2 pods of garlic everyday to promote better circulation of blood in the body. Better blood circulation reduces blood pressure and also prevents cholesterol and heart related ailments.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish oils are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. These possess anti-inflammatory properties and are ideal for controlling blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. It is known to prevent blood from clotting and enables better blood circulation and hence helps lower blood pressure.

Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

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Fishes like tuna, salmon, herring etc. are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and hence one must include the same to your diet. Flax seeds, almonds, walnuts etc. are also contain omega-3 fatty acids in adequate amounts. So munch on such these healthy nuts to lower your blood pressure.


Doctors recommend that one should have at least a couple of fruits everyday to maintain great health. Fruits are loaded with antioxidants which helps in keeping a number of ailments at bay and are very good for skin as well. The vitamin and mineral content of fruits is very helpful in fulfilling the requirements of the body.

Some researches have suggested that the vitamins and minerals helps relax the blood vessels. This helps keep heart healthy and free of ailments. Grapefruits, papaya, avocados, watermelons etc. are very good for controlling blood pressure. So ensure that you include these to your diet.


An ideal diet should have plenty of quantity and variety of vegetables. Vegetables like carrots, radish, onions etc. are very beneficial for people with high blood pressure. Green leafy vegetables are also very healthy as these contain fiber in abundance. These vegetables helps a great deal in controlling and lowering the cholesterol as well as blood pressure.


Parsley has been used to treat a number of diseases because of its curative and therapeutic properties. A number of studies have proved that parsley helps lower blood pressure. So you can consume the same on  a regular basis to lower your blood pressure. It is a great remedy to cure your kidney related  problems also.


It is very important to workout for at least 30 minutes everyday. Working out not only helps you stay fit but also improves the circulation of blood in the body. Better blood circulation is very essential to keep blood pressure in control.

You can indulge in your favorite activities like dancing, aerobics, swimming etc. Even brisk walking for about half an hour will make a lot of difference. Apart from following the above mentioned remedies you will also have to make certain changes to your lifestyle.

You will have to ensure that you indulge in a healthy and well balanced diet. Minimize your consumption of foods rich in fats and sugars. Such foods lead to obesity and in turn increased blood pressure. Also try to keep away from bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption.

These can result in high blood pressure and many other diseases. It is very important to stay happy.  No amount of  home remedies can do a better job of  fighting high blood pressure than staying happy and content with life.

A person undergoing stress on a regular basis is at higher risk of developing high blood pressure. You can stay clear of stress by indulging in activities like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc. Also get good amount of sleep and rest everyday to prevent blood pressure and other heart related ailments.

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