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Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

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25 July, 2011

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Home Remedies For Glowing SkinGlowing skin free of all sorts of blemishes is everyone’s dream. But not all dreams come true with ease. Skin is a very vital part of the body and plays a very important role in protecting the various parts of the body.

Hence, it can be concluded that skin is constantly exposed tovarious external environmental factors which can have a negative impact on the skin. Excessive exposure to sun-rays, harsh climatic conditions etc. can result in blemishes and make your skin look dull and lifeless.

The only way to acquire gorgeous and glowing skin is to dedicate some time to care for your skin everyday. Now that does not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars in various skin care products. Trying out some simple home remedies is all it takes to change the way your skin looks and feels. Here is a list of few most effective home remedies for glowing skin.

Keep Skin Clean

One of the most important things to be done in order to attain gorgeous skin is to wash your skin at least 3-4 times a day. Clean skin will glow and hence ensure that you wash your face as soon as you get back from outside. Follow up with a good quality toner and a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Orange Peel Face pack

One of the most effective remedies for glowing skin is orange peel face pack. You can dry the orange peels and then powder it and preserve it as a face pack. You can add some milk and honey to the same and apply it on your face. This not only helps you attain glowing skin but also clears acne and others skin problems. You can also apply orange juice on your face for similar results.

Honey And Milk Cream

A traditional and age old remedy for beautiful and flawless skin is a paste of honey and milk cream. It is the best possible remedy for people with dry skin as well. You can massage your face with the same at least once a week and achieve the desired results. The effects will be much better than using a very expensive massage cream. People with dry skin can replace milk cream with milk or yogurt also.

Oatmeal Face Pack

Yet another wonderful remedy for attaining wonderful skin is to apply an oatmeal face pack. You can powder oatmeal and add some milk to the same and make a paste. You can apply it on your face and leave it for about half an hour. The results will be smooth and glowing skin.


It has been known for many centuries that lemon is the best natural bleaching agent. So you can use lemon to get that beautiful and glowing skin. You can add it to your face packs etc. for best results.

You can also take a piece of lemon and rub your face with the same to eliminate impurities and to achieve glowing skin. You can also make a paste of lemon, honey and sugar and use it as a natural scrub. This will exfoliate your skin and deep clean your skin and also eliminate those ugly blackheads etc.


Turmeric has been used by many cultures as a medicine to cure various illnesses. This has also been used to attain glowing and beautiful skin. You can try making a paste of turmeric with sandalwood powder and cold raw milk and apply the same on your face. You can leave it on till it dries completely and wash it off. This is one of the fastest and most effective remedies for glowing skin and you surely will be amazed by the results.


There are a number of fruits which can be used for skin care. A paste of banana and honey does wonders for your skin. You can also make a paste of mangoes or papaya with honey for similar results. A paste made of strawberry and honey exfoliates your skin and imparts glow to your skin.


Almonds are a rich source of vita min E which is commonly known as the skin vitamin as well. So you can take some almond oil and massage your face using the same.

This will promote better blood circulation and make your skin glow in a very less span of time. You can also try making a paste of previously soaked almonds and milk and apply the same on the face to achieve glowing skin. Also munch on some almonds for great skin.


You can grind mint leaves with some milk to make it into a smooth paste and apply it on your skin. Mint has soothing and cooling properties. Hence apart from imparting glow to your skin, this will also soothe your senses and relax you. Ensure that you try this remedy to feel the difference.

Milk Powder

You can try making a paste of milk powder and honey and then apply the same to your face. You can also add some lemon juice to this paste for best results.

Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Milk powder will surely make your skin glow and lighten the shade of your skin. You can also try wiping your face with a cotton ball soaked with cold raw milk. This will clean your skin and bring instant glow.


It is very essential to have plenty of water throughout the day for great skin. Water not only hydrates your skin but also helps flush out all sorts of impurities from your body. It is very important to keep your system clean in order to get glowing skin.


It is very essential that you sweat everyday for great skin. Sweating helps in removing all the dust and impurities from the surface of the skin. But you will have to make sure that you take shower after sweating excessively to get rid of those impurities.


Ensure that you have a healthy and a well balanced diet to fulfill all the vitamin and mineral requirements of your skin. Fruits and vegetables in abundance is a must in your diet. Also avoid foods rich in spices and oils as those can result in acne and skin problems.

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