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Home Remedies For Congestion

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22 December, 2011

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The problem of congestion is mainly associated with chest. There are many people who suffer from the problem of chest congestion. Congestion in chest disrupts the breathing process. The airways get blocked and an individual is not able to breathe in a proper manner due to chest congestion.

A few people may also notice some pain in the chest due to congestion. The problem of chest congestion can occur due to several reasons. Viral infection, bacterial infection, and fungal infection are the major triggers for chest congestion.

An individual suffering from chest congestion often feels some inflammation in the respiratory tract, which eventually leads to breathing problems. There is accumulation of mucus in the airways due to congestion in chest.

Home Remedies For Congestion

In order to breathe properly and get rid of the congestion in chest, it is important to get rid of the mucus. An individual can opt for medically prescribed drugs to get rid of the mucus.

However, the best method of treating congestion in chest is through home remedies. Home remedies for congestion would help in treating the problem naturally. The section below discusses about a few effective home remedies for congestion.

Home Remedies For Congestion


Herbs like mint, garlic, and ginger are regarded to be very effective cures for chest congestion. An individual suffering from congestion in chest would find great level of relief after the ingestion of these herbs.

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Ginger Tea

The use of ginger tea with respect to treating congestion in chest has been scientifically proved.  Drinking ginger tea twice in a day is a very effective cure for congestion in chest. Ginger is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, which help in getting rid of inflammation in the airways caused due to chest congestion.

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Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is also considered to be an effective herbal cure for respiratory problems. It is suggested to consume this herbal tea once in the morning and once in the evening to attain relief from congestion.

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Inhaling steam is considered to be the most effective natural cure for congestion in chest. You should take steam every day for a few days to clear the airways and get rid of the mucus.

More effective results would be attained by adding two to three drops of eucalyptus oil to hot water. The healing properties contained in eucalyptus oil would speed up the treatment of chest congestion. The breathing process would be facilitated with the help of this natural remedy.

Steam Inhalation

Honey and Ginger

A mix of honey and ginger works naturally with respect to treating congestion. Grated ginger juice should be combined with honey and consumed twice daily to get rid of the phlegm.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is the secret to most of the health related problems, including chest congestion. The immune system of an individual becomes weak due to breathing issues.

An individual facing breathing problem should increase the intake of foods rich in vitamins E and C to boost up the immune system and facilitate the breathing process.

Lime, pineapple, grapefruit, and oranges are a few fruits which would help in boosting up the immune system of an individual, while helping in chest congestion treatment.

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