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Home Cures For Kidney Stones

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16 January, 2012

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Are you facing the problem of kidney stones? Are you looking for some effective ways to get rid of the problem? Before proceeding ahead to discuss about various cures for kidney stones, let us first learn what kidney stones are.  Kidney stones refer to deposits of organic or mineral substances in the kidneys.

People suffering from the problem of gout normally suffer from kidney stones. Though, both men and women may develop kidney stones, however, men are more prone to be affected by the problem.

The reason behind this fact is that the hormones of the women do not allow the organic or mineral substances to get deposited in the kidneys. Kidney stone may also be a hereditary problem. It is quite likely for you to get affected by the problem of stone in kidney, if any close relative of yours is facing the same problem.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

The symptoms of kidney stones are not diagnosed unless the stones become quite large in size. There is extreme tenderness in the affected kidney due to the presence of stones.

Also, an individual may suffer from chronic pain. It may become quite difficult for an individual to pass urine due to stone in kidney. At times, there may be blood in urine. Other common symptoms include exhaustion, nausea, chills, and fever.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

The major factor responsible for development of kidney stones is unhealthy diet. People who are fond of eating junk foods and fast foods are at a greater risk of being affected by the problem.

With the help of a few lifestyle changes and focusing on intake of healthy foods, the problem of kidney stones can be prevented to a great extent. In this article we shall throw light on some of the effective home cures for kidney stones.

Home Cures For Kidney Stones

Increase the Intake of Fluids

In order to get rid of kidney stones naturally, without any medication, it is very important to increase the intake of fluids in the diet. The best fluid for consumption is water. It is suggested to drink more than ten glasses of water every day to flush off the kidney stone.

Intake of Fluids

Apart from water, you should also drink other fluids like juice, and non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic drinks. The increased pressure while passing urine, due to excessive consumption of liquids, might help in flushing out the stone from the kidney.

Reduce the Intake of Foods Enriched in Oxalates

A few people may be prone to develop kidney stones due to oxalates. In such a case, it is suggested to avoid or reduce the intake of certain food products like coffee, chocolate, beets, parsley, nuts, spinach, tea, strawberries, wheat bran, and cola.

Decrease the Consumption of Meat in Diet

A diet rich in animal protein is not good for people suffering from the problem of kidney stones. It is suggested to eat less of meat in the diet so that the formation of calcium and uric acid in urine is reduced, thus preventing the formation of stones.

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