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Herbal Treatment For Angular Cheilitis

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14 October, 2011

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Herbal Treatment For Angular CheilitisThe other name for Angular Cheilitis is Angular Stomatitis. The disease is also referred to as Perleche. Angular Cheilitis is a condition characterized by development of an inflamed lesion that occurs at the corner of the mouth. In some cases, the lesion may be present on both the sides of the mouth.

In extreme cases of Angular Cheilitis, the lesion can bleed severely when the mouth is opened. The lesion can also turn ulcerous if left untreated. Angular Cheilitis is often associated with deficiencies of iron, vitamin B2, zinc and riboflavin. It is also found to occur in elderly people who use dentures. Another cause of the disease could be a fungal infection or a yeast infection. Medical tests can reveal the real cause of the lesions.

It is advised not to treat Angular Cheilitis with lip balms and petroleum jellies. If the lesions have been caused due to fungal lesions, the moisture in lip balms will give the fungi the boost to grow and spread further. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial creams can however be used for treating the lesions.

Popular Herbs For Treating Angular Cheilitis


This herb is used mainly as an antibiotic since it restricts the further growth of the infection causing bacteria.

Rose Hip

Dilute rose hip essential oil with olive oil and gently massage the lesion with the oil mixture. Rose hip is a good source of Vitamin C and helps fight infection.


Since centuries garlic has been used for treating fungal and bacterial infections. It is a natural antibiotic. Crush two pods of fresh garlic and apply them over the lesion. This might sting a bit for a little while. However, repeat the application every four hours to fasten the healing of lesion.


Tea made from chamomile is used for soothing stressed nerves and to reduce anxiety levels. Drinking at least three cups of chamomile tea will considerably bring down the discomfort associated with painful Angular Cheilitis. The herb is also good for warding off infection and strengthening the immune system.

Slippery Elm Bark

Elm bark is popularly used for treating sore throats and coughs. The reason is that the herb has anti-bacterial properties that restrict the growth and spread of the infection causing bacteria. To treat angular lesions, prepare a paste of slippery elm bark powder and a little water. Apply the paste directly on the lesion and allow it to dry. You can even take the powder internally to strengthen the immune system.


This is another herb with immune system boosting properties. A strong immune system is important for keeping infections like Angular Cheilitis at bay. You can also take this herb in supplement form along with a glass of warm water.


The herb is associated with keeping the immune system strong as well as building stamina. To treat Angular Cheilitis, you must drink at least 3 cups of Ginseng herbal tea every day. The herb is also useful for getting rid of the toxins from the body.


The herb is mainly used for treating symptoms associated with PMS. Drink 4 cups of tea prepared from dandelion roots to treat the infectious lesions.

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