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Herbal Remedies For Migraines

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26 September, 2011

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Herbal Remedies For MigrainesHerbs and herbal remedies have rich benefits for almost all kinds of health problems. Moreover, herbal remedies have no side effects and are inexpensive too. Herbs can help to cure a vast gamut of migraine symptoms and other types of headaches. You can try to avoid drugs and switch to herbal remedies for relief from severe migraine attacks.

Migraine Herbal Remedies

Many migraine sufferers prefer to use herbal or natural treatments rather than prescriptions or over-the-counter medications. This is because they want to avoid side effects and chemicals. Even though herbal remedies take a little longer to cure severe migraine attacks, they gradually decrease the pain and discomfort caused by migraine headaches.

Most Common Herbal Remedy For Migraine


Feverfew is one of the most common herbal cures for migraine. Apart from that, butterbur and pine bark are also part of popular herbal remedy for migraine. Many prefer feverfew as a long-term cure as it sustains the normal blood flow. Butterbur also ensures proper blood supply to the brain. Pine bark herb additionally safeguards body’s collagen and fights against free radicals.

Migraines, unlike normal headaches, begin in one part and gradually spread all through the head region. Acute stress, tension and pressure on brain’s nerves can cause migraines. Prolonged stress can cause it to become a chronic condition. Migraine attacks can begin at anytime and hence, some effective herbal home remedies can help you feel relieved sooner.


Ginger is a common herb found in all households. It is also a popular remedy for migraine attacks. Ginger capsules or powder can relieve your chronic headache within half an hour. Regular use of ginger can also prevent frequent migraine attacks.


Lemon is yet another effective herbal home remedy for migraine sufferers. It works as a stimulant to improve blood flow. You can grind some lemon crust and mix in few drops of lavender oil and apply this paste on your temples and the forehead for relieving headache. Massage this paste in circular massage motions for faster relief.


Another simple herbal remedy for migraine at home is basil. You can mash or crush a bunch of basil leaves to extract basil oil. Rub it in circles on your forehead and temple region. It is a stimulant for blood circulation and allows you to focus on work despite having migraine.

Herbal Tea 

Peppermint tea is popular herbal tea remedy to cure headaches and is effective even against migraines. You may also try peppermint oil massage on your forehead. Passionflower is a calming herb and can put you to sleep when suffering from migraine attack.

Some herbal experts also recommend chamomile tea as the best cure for migraine. As there are plenty of choices, you can pick up any flavor that suits your taste. It is advisable to buy organic herbal tea blends, as they are free from chemical additives.

People suffering from migraine attacks can never be sure when to expect a sudden headache. A migraine can last for few hours, weeks or days and can cause extreme discomfort. Always consult your physician before beginning any home or herbal remedies. This is especially important for people on medication, pregnant women or nursing mothers.

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