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Herbal Remedies For Insomnia

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12 September, 2011

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Herbal Remedies For InsomniaInsomnia in simple terms is sleeplessness. Many people suffer from insomnia and it affects their work performance, increases irritation and even leads to accidents at work or on roads. Regular sleepless nights lead to insomnia.

Depression, sleep apnea, heart diseases, hot flashes and anxiety often cause loss of sleep. Taking pills to knock off at night can have serious side effects. Using herbal remedies for insomnia helps to relax and sleep well.

Herbal Remedies For Insomnia

Stress, depression and tension are chief culprits for insomnia. Try to avoid movies or computer gaming before going to sleep. Eating heavy meals before bedtime can also cause sleeplessness. Herbal remedies for insomnia include using herbs like chamomile, passionflower, valerian and lavender.

Insomnia Herbal Remedy- Chamomile And Passionflower

If you want an herb to relax muscles, ease menstrual pains and promote sleep, chamomile can be the best herbal cure. Organic chamomile tea relieves stress, boosts digestion and promotes sleep. You can also use chamomile herb or chamomile oil for a warm bath before bedtime.

Passionflower is yet another best herbal cure for sleep disorders. Passionflower is a mild sedative that induces sleep, relieves irritation and anxiety. Passionflower tea can help to treat insomnia at home. Passionflower herbal tranquilizer is an herbal treatment without serious side effects.

Valerian and Lavender Herbal Cures For Insomnia

Since ancient times, valerian has been a popular cure for curing insomnia. Valerian herb relaxes and relieves anxiety. It is useful to cure high stress condition and calming the mind. However, some people may experience mild side effects of this herb. These side effects include minor indigestion, headache and drowsiness. Avoid taking valerian with alcohol, while driving or after surgery.

Lavender is widely popular as a soothing herb. Lavender calms the nerves and provides relief from irritation almost instantly. You can use lavender oil in bath or as a body wash. You can even try lavender tea for better sleep at night. Use lavender as herbal insomnia cure and enjoy a deep slumber.

Herbal Treatment For Insomnia

Herbal treatment for insomnia is an affordable way to cure poor sleeping habits. There are various herbs and herbal treatments to treat sleep disorders. However, it is important to prevent overdose of herbal remedies while treating insomnia. It is advisable to consult your physician before using herbal cures for sleeplessness.

Herbal Tea Blend For Insomnia

Some herbal blend teas help in treating insomnia while others can cause sleep apnea. It is best to avoid teas with caffeine when suffering from sleep disorder. Use herbal trees that are organic and do not contain caffeine.

Herbal teas are available at all grocery stores. Some people may like to make them at home from scratch using fresh or dried herbs. It is advisable to drink herbal teas at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This gives enough time to take effect and induce deep slumber.

Ideally, herbal treatment does not mean drinking only herbal tea or using a single remedy. Herbal treatment for insomnia involves using different herbs and herbal remedies instead of medicines and capsules. Choose the best insomnia herbal cure to eliminate insomnia and enjoy a good sleep at night every day.

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