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Herbal Remedies For Child Asthma

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23 July, 2011

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Herbal Remedies For Child AsthmaAsthma refers to a chronic disease of the lungs, in which an individual finds immense difficulty in breathing. The airways, also known as bronchial tubes, get blocked due to asthma. There is great level of inflammation and irritation as a result of asthma problem.

In case of asthmatic attack, the muscles which surround the bronchial tubes are tightened and there is production of mucus, both of which result in narrowing of airways, consequently posing breathing problems. Asthma is a condition which not only occurs among adults, but is also prevalent amongst children.

During the last few years, many children have been diagnosed with asthma problem. It has been stated by National Heart Lung and Blood Institute that around 6 million children suffer from this chronic condition.

Wheezing and coughing are the common symptoms associated with asthma problem.  A child is not able to breathe properly in such situations. It is essential to get the treatment as soon as possible, so that the problem does not aggravate further. Children are very sensitive and they might get allergic to anything.

It is mandatory for parents to take care of their children properly, and observe them carefully, and report any unhealthy symptoms to the doctor immediately. There are numerous drugs available these days which help in curing asthma among children.

However, the use of chemically enriched drugs and medicines at such a young age, might prove to be harmful for the health of the kids. Therefore, it is recommended to seek some natural remedies to control the problem.

Natural and herbal remedies for dealing with asthma problem can be of great assistance in boosting up the immunity of the children, and prevent them from future asthma attacks. The upper respiratory system of the children would be strengthened and any kind of allergic reaction would be prevented with the help of practicing herbal solutions for asthma problem.

Herbal Solutions For Child Asthma

The three most effective herbs which would assist in preventing and curing asthma among children are discussed in the below section:

Astragalus Herb

Hay fever and allergic reactions might result in an asthmatic attack. It is advised to treat the cause, so as to prevent an asthmatic attack. Asthma attack caused due to hay fever and allergic reactions can be treated with the help of Astragalus herb.

This herb is enriched with antioxidants and is known to be quite helpful with regard to providing support to the immune system. This herb does not pose severe side effects and is considered to be safe for use by the children.

Stinging Nettle

This is another herbal remedy which helps in preventing asthmatic attack due to allergic reactions. It is regarded to be an effectual antihistamine and is enriched with nutrients, consequently helping to prevent an attack naturally and successfully.

This herb can be used in several ways to deal with the problem; it can be cooked in the same way as spinach is cooked; it can be brewed in the form of tea; it can be consumed as a capsule; or it can be added to any soup.

Licorice Root

This is one of the effective natural herbal remedies, which has been documented as anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory herb that helps in benefitting asthmatic patients. The herb can be brewed in the form of tea and given to children as soon as they face any difficulty in breathing. The tea can be made more palatable by adding some honey to it. It is very safe for children and does not have side effects.

Herbal Remedies For Child Asthma

A tea made with the help of all the three herbs, as discussed above, is also considered to be a very good herbal solution for preventing and treating asthmatic attack among children. All these herbs are quite safe and do not ruin the health of the children in any way.

These herbs can be either consumed in natural form or supplement form as per the ease of the children to obtain successful and effective results. These are natural and safe ways to prevent and treat the symptoms of asthma in children, and should be followed dedicatedly to maintain sound health of the kids, while allowing them to breathe properly.

A Few Natural Remedies For Child Asthma

Apart from these herbal remedies, there are certain supplements and vitamins which are regarded to be beneficial with respect to asthma treatment among children. These are discussed hereunder:

Magnesium Supplements

One of the major causes of an asthma attack is low, magnesium level in the body. Therefore, taking magnesium supplements can prove to be of great assistance with respect to fighting against asthma. Also, grains and green vegetables are rich in magnesium content and ought to be included in the diet.

Vitamin C Supplements

Asthmatic patients often have low vitamin C content. Therefore, they should take vitamin C supplements and eat fruits like oranges and strawberries, which are rich in vitamin C.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The health of the asthmatic patients would be improved considerably with the help of intake of foods enriched with omega 3 fatty acids. Fish is a very good natural source of omega 3. Taking omega 3 supplements can also be of colossal assistance.


A child suffering from asthma problem should eat foods enriched with probiotics. Yogurt is a very good natural source of this mineral and should be certainly included in the diet of the children. This is a very effective, natural and safe way to prevent an asthmatic attack.

The fact cannot be denied that the supplements and herbs do not help in curing asthma from the roots instantly, once a child has been affected by it. However, these remedies are considered to be quite effective in preventing asthma attacks in the future. Once these herbal remedies are implemented on regular basis, there are higher chances of the asthma problem to be eradicated from the roots gradually.

The health of the children would be improved tremendously with the aid of following natural and herbal solutions discussed in the above section. Apart from following the natural treatments, it is suggested that children should remain away from pollution, smoke, and dust to avoid an asthma attack.

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