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Herbal Remedies For Allergies

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27 September, 2011

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People experience allergies when they are extremely sensitive to certain chemicals, environment conditions or foods. Over active immune system can also trigger allergies. This is another reason why some people feel itchy after vaccinations. It is possible to cure different types of allergies using various remedies and treatments.

Many germs and allergens exist inside and outside our homes. These allergens can cause allergic reactions like itching, runny eyes and nose, rashes, cold, flu, diarrhea and many other attacks. You can try few allergy remedies at home, or use herbal cures or natural treatments for relief.

Herbal Remedies For Allergies

Prescription medicines can make you drowsy or sleepy. Sometimes, such over-the-counter medications can also trigger side effects. Hence, herbal remedies for allergies are a better choice. They are inexpensive and free from side effects. Among popular herbal remedies for allergies, organic green tea is a good option for curing bacterial infections. It minimizes the histamine attack on the cells in your body.


Another effective herb with anti-allergen properties is licorice. These licorice roots can also cure many allergies and rashes. You can also use the butterbur herb as an herbal supplement or capsule for various allergies and histamine attack.

Certain allergies like fever, cold, itching, and rashes can be treated using home remedies. Some popular home herbal remedies include garlic, ginger, cloves, nettle and eucalyptus. Ginger root is a perfect herbal home remedy for mild cough, cold, bacterial allergies and nausea. You can have ginger tea, ginger capsules or ginger powder to relieve allergy symptoms.


Honey also fights well with allergies by boosting our body’s immune system. You can even mix honey with ginger powder and consume one tablespoon of this mixture to keep your body stronger against allergies. Garlic is yet another effective home remedy for curing congestion and digestive problems.

Eucalyptus Herb

Eucalyptus herb and oil are age-old remedies for congestion, flu and cold. This herb is quite effective against such bacterial allergies. You can massage the chest and back to cure congestion, body pains and get instant relief from sore throat or congested chest and nose. Nettle herb is also a good cure for hay fever and other inflammations. Nettle root is also beneficial for curing hay fever.


Chamomile is a popular herb with many beneficial properties. Chamomile tea can be a perfect cure for hay fever and for prevention of histamine attacks. Vitamin B and C, found in fruits and vegetables, can also combat various allergic reactions, cold, skin rashes, digestive problems and inflammations.

Natural Treatment For Allergies

Natural treatments for allergies can be as effective as prescription medicines. It may take a little longer to cure the allergy using these treatments. However, natural remedies for allergies are free from harmful effects and are inexpensive too. Some best natural treatments for allergy include consuming vegetable and fruit juices, yogurt diet, as well as acupuncture and acupressure.

There are specialized physicians and professionals who deal with such herbal and natural treatments. You can browse online to find these natural cure clinics in your local areas. Many people also opt for homeopathic remedies and holistic therapies. All these natural treatments can effectively cure seasonal allergies and other health ailments.

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