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Helpful Treatment Options For Appendicitis

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5 December, 2011

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AppendicitisAppendix is a tiny, finger shaped structure present in the right side of our lower abdomen. Sometimes it happens that this organ gets blocked and lead to swelling.

In case this happens, the appendix turns into a habitat of bacterial infection. This condition, characterized by infection and inflammation of appendix, is known as appendicitis, and is considered as a medical emergency.

Though anyone can suffer from appendicitis at any time, but the condition seems to be more common with people between ages 10 and 30. After the condition is diagnosed and treated timely, most of the patients recover completely without any long term consequences or complications.

However, if there is a significant delay in treatment, it can result in rupturing of the appendix, due to which infection spreads in the entire abdomen. This condition can be extremely grave, even fatal on many occasions.

Surgical Removal

In most of the cases, appendicitis requires surgical removal of the entire appendix, which is not much problem because this tiny organ does not serve any essential purpose in our body. However, besides surgery, there are a number of home remedies that you can use to treat the problem of appendicitis.

Home Remedies For Appendicitis

Fenugreek Tea

Prepare a tea by boiling fenugreek seeds in cold water for 30 minutes on low flame. Let the tea cool down a little before straining it. This fenugreek tea has been found to be quite effective in treating appendicitis.

Fenugreek Tea


Drink at least a liter of buttermilk on a daily basis as it has been found to be extremely effective for curing chronic appendicitis as well as for preventing bacterial growth in the region.

Vegetables Juices

A mixture of beetroot juice, cucumber juice and carrot juice in the ratio 1:1:3 can be extremely effective for relieving appendicitis.

Green Gram

Green gram has also found to be very effective for appendicitis cure. So make sure to eat a teaspoonful of green gram everyday thrice a day. Alternative, you can soak this gram in a glass of water overnight, and drink it the next day.

Ginger & Garlic

A combination of garlic and ginger helps in reducing swelling in the appendix and provides effective pain relief. They can be taken either in raw form or in the form of juice.

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Lemon & Honey

In case you find that your digestive system is not functioning properly, take a mixture of lemon juice and honey in 1:1 ratio.

Abundant Water

If you notice that you have high fever while you are suffering from appendicitis or if you start vomiting, then avoid eating anything during this time. Instead drink as much water as possible.

Do this for at least 3 days, then start taking some vegetable and fruit juices. Once you are able to digest these juices completely without any problem, then you can begin taking your regular food.


Follow the above mentioned home remedies for appendicitis and get rid of the problem as soon as possible. However, make sure to consult your healthcare provider first to ensure that your condition is not serious.

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