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Healthy Facts About Bitter Gourd

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5 September, 2011

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Healthy Facts About Bitter GourdDuring season change it is advisable that we be little more cautious about our health and keep ourselves extra fit. In doing so, special care should be taken about our regular diet. Bitter Gourd is one essential vegetable which helps to keep us healthy and sound. There are plenty of benefits of this vegetable.

When we see some bitter dishes in the menu we hate it. Everybody loves to have spicy, tangy or sweet dishes. But it is very much essential to have this bitter to taste vegetable in our diet, as it has lots of health benefits. To reduce the Bitterness of Bitter Gourd to a certain extent, you can soak it in salt water for sometime before cooking. If you know the benefits of eating Bitter Gourd, the next time you eat it, you will love it.

Nutrient And Healthy Ingredients Of Bitter Gourd

It has lot of iron content. Iron is an essential part of Haemoglobin. There is plenty of Beta Carotene in Bitter Gourd, twice as in Broccoli. Beta Carotene helps in improving eyesight and other eye related ailments. It has twice the amount of Calcium in Spinach and Potassium in Banana. Calcium helps to keep your teeth and bones healthy. To maintain a healthy blood pressure and good heart Potassium is essential.

Bitter Gourd is rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to secure good skin and hair. Vitamin C, Iron and Protein helps in absorption mechanism. It helps to grow defensive capacity against viral and bacterial attacks to our body. It has sufficient amount of fibers which in turn helps the constipation patients too. Other beneficial ingredients of Bitter Gourds are Vitamin B complex, Magnesium, Folic acid, Zinc and phosphorous.

Bitter Gourd Is helpful In Curing Many Diseases

For the Diabetic Patients Bitter- Gourd can work wonders. Try to keep Bitter Gourd in their menu. It has Polypeptide P, which helps in regulating the Sugar level in Blood and Urine. With doctor’s consent one can have Bitter Gourd juice or boiled Bitter Gourd.

Bitter Gourd is helpful in treating several Blood disorders like Scabies. It also helps to treat Ringworm problems too. Again helps in Blood purification. It helps to combat skin diseases and infections too.

Benefits Of Bitter Gourd Leaves

Bitter Gourd Leaf juice is very beneficial to health. It helps to build the body’s defensive mechanism and helps to fight against many infections too. It enhances the energy and stamina level too. People who drink alcohol, might damage their liver. Bitter Gourd Juice helps in protecting liver. It flushes out the extra toxin from the body.

If someone is suffering from Cholera or Diarrhea, Bitter Gourd Leaf juice together with some Lemon and onion juice acts effectively and improves the condition. For various blood disorders, Bitter Gourd Leaf juice with some lemon juice can be taken. If taken together with some honey, this works very well in treating health conditions like asthma and bronchitis. It is good for Psoriasis or any other fungal infection too.

Cooking Tips

Make sure you wash it very well in running tap water. You can boil it with some potatoes and then mash together. Add some oil and salt to it. This tastes very good. You can cut it into pieces and shallow fry it in refined/ olive oil. Try it with some mustard paste occasionally.

Storage Tips

Store them in a refrigerator in the vegetable basket. Do not store them for long period. Eat them within 3-4 days after buying from the market. Do not store in room temperature with other vegetable. If done, the bitter Gourd becomes yellowish. Always store it separately.


Do not take overdose of Bitter Gourd in a single day. It can give mild pain in your lower abdomen. Diabetic patients must always consult their doctor before to know about the amount of Bitter Gourd they can eat in a day. Should not be taken in excess, as it can interfere with the medication. Pregnant or expecting women should consult their doctor before drinking the Bitter Gourd Leaf juice.

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