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Health Benefits Of Gynostemma

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30 November, 2011

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Health Benefits Of GynostemmaGynostemma (or Jiagulan in Chinese), an elixir of life, is a multifarious plant native to China. Top New York celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson vouches it as the best alternative to Botox for its role in instantaneously reducing wrinkling, aging lines and crow’s feet.

Having well-understood its age-defying properties, famed dermatologist, Dr. Frederic Brandt includes this herb in his crucial list of ingredients of his highly popular anti-wrinkle product – crease release.

Health Benefits Of Gynostemma

The Genius Health Optimiser

Gynostemma enjoys a formidable reputation for being the ultimate mind-body rejuvenator and re-aligner to the 5 crucial body systems. It possesses over seventy-five diverse saponins which is almost 4-folds more than those present in Ginseng.

Weight Management Buddy

Also dubbed as the Fairy Herb, Gynostemma can be your best bet in weight management by trimming down surplus body fats when merged alongside a sensible exercise regime and calorie-controlled dietetic intake.

Those into athletics and body-building can immensely benefit from Gynostemma as it heightens strength and endurance, thus being a superlative performance-enhancer. Its stress-busting capability aids in thwarting the ill-effects experienced by those who over-train.

Its weight-gaining properties are also a boon for skinny individuals and sportspersons. Its cleansing action aids in maintaining smooth bowel movement, as well as getting rid of toxic matter and wastes from the system.

Boost Your Sexual Prowess

Gynostemma is deployed as useful tonic for enhancing sexual vitality and blood supply to the sexual organs via release of nitric oxide thus a beneficial vasodilator for impotent men.

Own a Sharp Brain

This adaptogenic herb (multitasking capability of safely balancing and toning several biological functions) has a dual-directional, modulating influence on the CNS.

It has an assuaging effect during overexcitement and acts as a stimulant when one is feeling low or anxious and even helpful for schizophrenics and those ailing from other neurological problems.

Potent Germ Annihilator

Gynostemma reduces levels of free bacterial, fungal and viral organisms in the body thus lowering our chances of contracting infections. It balances over-acidification of the body hence additionally hindering growth of disease-causing microorganisms.

Anti-Carcinogenic And Immune System Booster

This wondrous herb boosts white blood cell (WBC) count in cancer sufferers exposed to chemo or radiotherapy. Studies evaluating the herb’s anti-tumor activity have exhibited a notable twenty to eighty percent suppression rate on wide-ranging tumors.

Moreover, it can encourage leukocyte manufacture, inclusive of those termed as NK cells (a type of WBC and a key constituent of the natural immune system) which have an inhibitory action on microorganisms and perhaps cancerous cell metastasis. There are studies which indicate that gynostemma might avert cells from turning malignant in the foremost instant.

Your BP And Cholesterol Regulator

Gynostemma prevents platelets from accruing inside blood vessels, antihypertensive and established capability of preventing blood pressure from touching perilous extremes.

It aids in keeping cholesterol under control by augmenting useful High Density Lipoprotein while reducing detrimental Low Density Lipoprotein in the blood by preventing sugar from being converted to triglycerides. Jiaogulan benefits your heart by averting platelet aggregation in the blood, which is crucial for staving off heart ailments.

Other Inimitable Benefits Of Jiaogulan

This multivitamin, multimineral herb is an effective cure for those nasty hangovers when used in tea form. It aids in preventing hair strands from turning grey, regulating blood glucose levels alongside being useful for a host of other health conditions.

Word Of Caution

Gynostemma could be unsafe for expectant and nursing mothers and those with existent blood clotting disorders. It is advisable to halt intake of this herb a fortnight pre-surgery.

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