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Get Rid Of Wisdom Tooth Ache

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16 August, 2011

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Get Rid Of Wisdom Tooth AcheGrowth of wisdom teeth can cause lot of pain. One can experience a worst tooth ache at the time of the growth of wisdom teeth. The pain lasts for at least 15 days and it causes uneasiness. While you have a wisdom tooth ache, you can have pain in jaw muscles and cheeks. In fact, it becomes really difficult to chew food.

It is also possible that you may have swelling in your gums. People experience pain because a wisdom tooth is situated in the end of the jaws at the back. So, for the growth of tooth, there is very less space left and it becomes really difficult for the teeth to come out.

These are some of the factors which cause swelling and pain.But there is no need to worry as there are many home remedies which you can follow to get rid of wisdom tooth ache. For sure, you will get a relief and you will be able to chew food properly.

Here are some of the remedies which can be followed:


To get relief from wisdom tooth ache, you can do this remedy as many times as you want. Mix salt in a hot water and wash your mouth with this salt water. But make sure, the water should not be too hot.

Pain Killer Pills

Paracetamol and aspirin are two of the pain killer pills which are considered very much helpful. You can take these pain killer pills whenever you experience wisdom tooth ache. You will definitely get a relief.


Icing is very helpful in getting rid of swelling and pain. It is believed as one of the most excellent remedy to get rid of wisdom tooth ache.3-4 ice cubes are to be taken, then wrap it in a soft towel.

Get Rid Of Wisdom Tooth Ache

Now, put that ice pack into the infected area where you are experiencing pain. Do that every day 10-15 minutes whenever you experience pain, you will surely get a relief.

Dental Creams

Applying dental creams, lotion and gel on the infected area can also help you out in getting rid of wisdom tooth ache. You can buy these gels, lotions and creams depending upon the harshness and the nature of the tooth ache. In order to get proper medication, you can go to the doctor.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

You can get wisdom tooth extracted from a doctor or you can get the surgical procedure done if you find that the tooth has infected the gum badly or if the tooth is growing at an awkward position.

Cloves And Mouth Washes

Clove oil can be applied on the infected area to get rid of wisdom tooth ache. If you massage on the infected area with clove oil then it will reduce the pain definitely. It does not only helps you in getting rid of pain but also helps in fighting tooth decay and protects you from gum diseases.

You can also buy those mouth washes which are specially made for wisdom tooth ache pain. Following all these remedies will surely help you out. So, take care.

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