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Get Rid Of Itchy Skin In The Summer Time

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16 August, 2011

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Get Rid Of Itchy Skin In The Summer Time No doubt, some people love summer season a lot. We always look forward to enjoy the season, its fragrances, nature .But along with the good nature; it also brings itchy skin which is very irritating and discomforting. So, it is not that much easy to enjoy summers with an irritating skin, we have to take a lot of care of our skin.

Pruritus is a kind of an itch which causes irritation to the skin. It can happen all over the body. During summer season, itchiness is very much common due to different type of allergies and heat.

There are some of the itch providers which cause irritation to the skin like sunburns, skin sensitivity, dryness and prickly heat. But there is no need to worry as there are many remedies which can be followed:

Sunburn Itch

your skin gets red, itchy and inflames with sunburns. Blisters on the skin can also be caused by sunburn.


Firstly stay out of the sun and ice compress can be applied on the affected area to sooth the skin. As aloe Vera gel is considered the best remedy so it can be applied on the affected area. You should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you still feel that these remedies are not working and the problem is getting worse day by day then you should go to the doctor and get it checked.

Sensitive Skin

Because of the increased presence of allergies, summer season make the skin sensitive. There are many skin conditions which generally get worse in summers like atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, athlete’s foot etc.


Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You should use a good skin moisturizer taking prescriptions from a doctor. A moisturizer is to be applied right after taking bath so that it gets absorbed in the skin. Fragrance free products should be used.

Thorny Heat

Thorny heat occurs when due to extreme sweat, the sweat pores get blocked. Due to this thorny heat, red or pink spots appear on abdomen, neck, forehead, chest, trunk and upper back.


This problem can be eased by staying in a cool environment, drinking plenty of water, using cool powders, taking cool baths frequently and by keeping the affected area clean.


Our skin gets dehydrated and very much dry in summer season as we spend hours in an air conditioned environment. Also, our skin gets itchy and dry as we take shower and bath frequently.


Light water moisturizers should be used and applied on the area where you feel itchy and dry. Also, after taking showers and baths, moisturize well. Do not forget to drink plenty of water which will always help you out. Add water based vegetables and fruits to your diet to stay fresh.

A moisturizing soap and a body wash should be used. To ease itching always try to apply glycerin, urea and petrolatum after coming out of the ocean, bath, shower and pool. These are the essential remedies which will surely help you out in ease itching.

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