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Get Relief From Arthritis With Natural Remedies

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5 August, 2011

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Get Relief From Arthritis With Natural RemediesAs you approach old age, your joints and bones start rusting and you will start aching and paining all over. Old age comes with a set of problems that are in no way easy to handle. Arthritis is a condition that mostly affects the old. However, in recent times, even youngsters are not spared from the disease.

A number of lifestyle factors are responsible for this change, especially the fact that more and more people are becoming sedentary and are caught in the grip of unhealthy eating habits like junk food.

The symptoms of arthritis are severe joint pain as a result of joint degeneration. The pain can be anything from mild to severe depending on the type of joint damage and its extent. Severe joint damage can make you lose your independence and require you to take help from others even for small day to day tasks. Arthritis can take a severe toll on your life and can cause deep trauma.

Though the condition cannot be cured as such which is unfortunate, there are thankfully several methods which can be adopted for keeping the disease under control and also from preventing the joint damage from progressing. Before you undertake treatment methods like surgery and drug therapy, why not try these natural methods for exerting its healing action on you?

How To Cure Arthritis Naturally


Potato has been considered as a wonder remedy for arthritis. Potato juice in its raw form is supposed to contain certain enzymes that help in reversing the damage caused to your joints and also in preventing the degeneration from progressing. As potato juice is very difficult to extract, you must cut the potatoes and soak them in drinking water without removing the skin. This has to be left overnight.

In the morning, remove the potato pieces and squeeze the remaining juice out as well and drink this water. Do this every day to keep away from inflammation and pain in your joints. Potatoes can also be used as a poultice for curing inflammation and pain. Boil potatoes (you can use the same potato pieces for this) and keep them in a cloth bag. Apply on the joints to remove inflammation and pain.

Raw Vegetable Juices

The juices of raw vegetables are alkaline and help in removing the toxic deposits and uric acid that must have got trapped in between the joints causing inflammation and pain. Fresh and green leafy vegetable juices like celery juice, spinach or coriander juices are the best for treating inflammation. You can also add carrot and beet juice to these and have it every day for a detoxification process.

For treating inflammation of the joints, the anti inflammatory properties of pineapple can be exploited. Eat pineapples or extract the juice from it and drink a glass of it every day. This will reduce your troubles to a minimum and help you keep away from pain as well.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds can be used for treating inflammation of the joints. Joint pain is worsened with dryness and hence we need to look for ways by which we can keep them moisturised. Sesame seeds contain copper which helps in preventing the dryness of the joints and making the muscle strong so that the joints don’t grind against each other.

Get Relief From Arthritis With Natural Remedies

Soak a teaspoon of sesame seeds in water overnight. The copper will be absorbed by the water. Consume this water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This will help relieve arthritis pain and inflammation to a great extent.


For healthy bones, calcium is very essential. This is why most women fall for osteoarthritis and joint related problems when they reach menopause. Taking calcium supplements and including a diet that is rich in calcium is very essential, especially during the retirement days.

The dosage for calcium can be discussed with your doctor and the right dose administered according to the needs of your body. Generally a dosage of 400-500 mg is recommended 3 times a day by doctors. Once the calcium supplements in your body are normal, joint pain will be greatly reduced and the bones will become strong.


Copper helps in relieving arthritis pain and inflammation. For enjoying the benefits of copper, take a copper vessel of medium size. Fill the vessel with drinking water and leave it overnight. By morning the water that will contain traces of copper can be taken on an empty stomach. Continue this every day and in a few weeks your joint pain will start receding.

Copper can be used in other ways as well. To allow the body to absorb copper, use copper bangles, bracelets or other forms of jewellery that touches your skin. Copper will penetrate your skin surface and offer great relief from arthritis symptoms.


With strong anti inflammatory properties, garlic too is a good solution for treating arthritis. Chew 5-6 garlics every day. Alternately, crush garlics and boil it in a cup or water. Steep for 10 minutes and drink it every day. Add garlic in your diet as well so that you get the maximum benefit from this bulb.


High in vitamin B6 which helps relieve arthritic pain and inflammation and bone degeneration, bananas are also a great source of potassium and magnesium which is required for strong bones. Taking bananas every day will prevent joint inflammation and also strengthen the joints.

When you have severe arthritis, herbalists prescribe an exclusive diet of only bananas. This includes consuming 9-10 bananas a day which will help in fortifying your bones and reducing the severity of inflammation.


Uric acid deposit around the bones can cause severe arthritis pain due to the dryness. Citric acid is a good remedy for removing uric acid from the joints and preventing dryness. Take one lime and squeeze the juice from it. This can be mixed with water and consumed every day.

Mustard And Camphor

Arthritis can also be alleviated by increasing the circulation of blood in the body. Camphor helps in boosting blood circulation in the body and relieving the inflammation and pain as well. Warm some mustard oil and add camphor to it. This can be massaged on to the joints where there is inflammation and pain.

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