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Foods To Avoid With Gout

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15 September, 2011

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Foods To Avoid With GoutGout is a disease, which is caused by foods, which are high in uric acid. Apart from this, there may be several other causes of gout. The excess uric acid accumulates in the body, and gets deposited in the form of crystals in the joints, tissues surrounding the joint and tendons connected to the joint.

Gout is also sometimes accompanied by inflammatory arthritis, in which the joint becomes red, hot, tender and swollen. Gout is also sometimes referred to as “rich man’s disease”, because only rich men were very much indulged in high protein foods, but now-a-days, almost everybody is eating foods rich high protein and high purines.

The diet structure has drastically changed in the lives of the people. And this is the reason why the numbers of gout patients are increasing day by day, all over the world. To prevent this from happening, we should avoid eating too much of high protein foods. We should be cautious right from an early age, as this will help us to prevent any further complications related to gout.

After all, we cannot risk our god gifted body, with some high protein foods like meat. The correlation between gout and food that we eat is very simple. The most common reason behind gout is our improper diet. Uric acid always remains present in our blood stream, but it starts crystallising and depositing, only when the uric acid content in our blood is either very low, or very high.

Foods, which have high contents of proteins in them gets converted into uric acid by the purine metabolism in our body. And in normal conditions, the liver and kidneys in our body are supposed to excrete the excess uric acid, and for normalising the level of uric acid in our body.

But in case of any abnormalities, the kidneys and the liver becomes unable to excrete the excess amount, and then the uric acid starts depositing in our joints. To prevent this, you should avoid certain types of foods.

Foods which are high in purines are considered to be one of the main factors behind gout. It has been observed, that foods that generally lead to heart diseases are also connected with gout. So it is better to avoid them, as much as you can. So the list of the foods to avoid with gout are-

Foods Which Are Very High In Purine

Yeast, beans, Hearts, Sweetbreads, cauliflower, Mussels, Sardines, peas,  Herring, Spinach, Smelt

Foods Which Are Moderately High In Purines

Kidney, Haddock, Mutton, bacon, lamb, beef, Grouse, Anchovies, Partridge,  Kidneys, Pheasant, turkey and goose, Liver, Salmon, scallops and trout, Veal.

Apart from these, you should also avoid certain other types of foods, like Alcohol, of any kind. You should completely stop alcohol intake, High fat dairy products should be avoided. However low fat dairy products like cheese, skimmed milk, milk powder etc can be used. Gravy of any type should be strictly avoided.

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