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First Signs Of Menopause

by:  in Category : Women's Health

14 September, 2011

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First Signs Of MenopauseEncountering the first signs of menopause and gradually going through the process is a challenging time of a women’s life. During this crucial time, not only does her body undergo a number of hormonal changes but things are difficult for her psychologically as well.

Prior to the onset of menopause, women may also experience a variety of premenopausal symptoms indicating the gradual decline of the hormone estrogen. Many women experience the first menopausal signs as early as 10 to 15 years before the final menstrual cycle takes place, the average age for which is in early 50’s.

If you belong to this age group and wondering whether you are experiencing some of the first signs of menopause then here is a list of the initial menopausal signs that women usually face.

Menstrual Cycle Changes

The first sign of menopause that most women tend to ignore is considerable changes in the menstrual cycle. It does not necessarily mean that your menstrual cycles would get shorter as in some cases the length of the cycle is also seen to have increased. So, just keep a close watch over the pattern of menstrual cycle and any persistent change in it might just be indicative of the early signs of menopause.

Mood Swings And Depression

Have you become increasingly irritable and moody lately? Is your mood swings affecting your work as well as your personal life? If the answer is yes then the chances are high that these might be the early signs of menopause.

Scientific evidences suggest that hormones have the ability to affect a person’s moods. The hormonal changes that take place during this phase often contribute in transforming a women’s emotional condition by making her prone to mood swings and depression.

Heart Palpitations And Chronic Fatigue

Many women encountering first signs of menopause complain of heart palpitations. However, this might also be due to some cardiovascular ailments and seeking help from a doctor is advisable in such cases. Chronic fatigue is another sign that women experiencing early signs of menopause often encounter.

Hot Flashes

An obvious sign of menopause is flashes which are also one of the most common symptoms. Hot flashes are characterized by a sudden hot wave engulfing the entire body leading to profuse sweating although in some women the symptoms get more severe.

The hot flashes are caused by the hormonal imbalances in the body which triggers an increased metabolism levels. At times, the hormonal changes give ‘wrong’ signals to the adrenal glands which emanate excessive energy in the body that is not required.

Modifications In Sleep Pattern

Difficulty in sleeping is also included among the first signs of menopause as many women during this time complain of sleeping disorders. However, changes in sleeping pattern might be caused by a number of factors such as hot flashes, anxiety, stress and wakefulness. Moreover, the mood swings and depression might also contribute in keeping you awake the entire night.

Loss Of Sex Drive

A decline in the levels of estrogen in the body is marked by the onset of menopause. So, a decrease in estrogen levels of the body often leads to a lower interest in sex. Signs such as mood swings and depression also have a role to play in the low sex drive.

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