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Few Tips For Healing Burns Naturally

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19 August, 2011

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Burns are caused when the skin gets overheated due to exposure to fire or hot substances like chemicals and electrical appliances. It can be caused due to accidents and also when we are exposed to the sun for too much time. Burns lead to blisters that can burst and cause raw and open areas on the skin which can be dangerous and cause other infections.

As burns can happen without warning, we must be aware of a few natural remedies that can take care of the condition at home without visiting a clinic or a skin specialist. Here are some great natural cures for burns.  However, be warned that these are not for advanced second degree or third degree burns which are life threatening and need immediate medical attention.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar exerts its antiseptic qualities on the burns and helps the healing action to be fastened without causing any infection. Dilute vinegar with water as it may be too strong to be applied directly and apply on the burnt skin with a cotton ball. The burns will soon start healing and the dead skin will be exfoliated as well, leaving the skin clear and rejuvenated.

2. Salt

Our simple salt too is a good healing agent and a great first aid that can be administered after cooling the burnt skin using an ice cube or cold water. Salt can be used with cold water for washing the burnt area. If it is a raw wound, it could sting, but salt is an antiseptic and will help accelerate the healing process with external application. You can use salt water for cooling the burnt skin as soon as the burn happens.

3. Plantain Leaves

The leaves of the plantain tree can be used for healing small burns in the skin. Plantain leaves help cool the affected skin and also in healing it. The leaves can be gently crushed so that the juice starts oozing out. Now cover the burnt skin with the leaf and tie it in place. Alternately, the juice can be extracted from the leaf and applied on the skin for healing.

4. Aloe Vera And Turmeric Paste

Make a paste of pure aloe gel extracted from the leaf and freshly ground turmeric and apply on the burnt skin. This will help in cooling the burnt skin, healing the skin and also in preventing the skin from infected. These three things will make sure that your skin is back to normal and wonderfully revived once it is healed.

5. Honey

Honey can be used as well for treating burns. The application of honey takes care of four core things when you have burns; healing, protecting from bacterial infections by acting as a barrier, moisturising the skin and also in reviving the skin. These are the most important things that need to be taken care of when you have burns.

Useful Tips

Finally, when there is a burn on your skin, the first thing ever to be done is to cool the skin as soon as possible to avoid the formation of blistersRub ice cubes on the area as soon as possible and for about 10 minutes. Alternately show your skin under flowing water.

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