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Facts And Information About HIV and AIDS

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16 December, 2011

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In ancient times the sages used to live a long and healthy life with peace of mind and senses, the reason is that they always controlled their senses and never committed any act without assessing its good and evil effects.

Today mankind has emerged to a state where control over their desires and senses is the least they can do, and that is why many deadly diseases are born which not only kills affected person but also spreads from one to another. HIV-AIDS is on the top list of them.

Facts And Information About HIV and AIDS


Human immune deficiency viruses are the parasite for human body; when they enter, they bring about destruction of the very essential immune mechanism of the body by killing the T-cells; which form the base of the defense system.


These virus themselves do not lead to any disease but they open the doors for all other opportunistic diseases like tuberculosis, bacteria, infections, diarrhea, vomiting, blood disorders etc.


Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is not a disease. It is a group of diseases; which gain easy access to human body; once the immune mechanism is compromised. Thus, we need to make this point very clear that, it is our immunity which becomes weak; not that the disease is very strong.


How This Virus Enters in Human Body?

There is only and only one way for this virus to make its way into our body; and that is exchange of the HIV infected body fluids. Here body fluids which act as HIV carrier are blood, semen, vaginal fluids and amniotic fluid.

Remember, sweat and saliva exchange do not cause AIDS. Of course there are many approaches; by which they are transferred. First is through unsafe sex. Here unsafe means, having sex with an HIV infected person without any protection. Repeatedly changing the partner for sex increases the chances of AIDS.


Second is through other body fluids like Blood, semen, vaginal fluids and amniotic fluid. During pregnancy; through placental blood HIV can spread to fetus from mother. Hence coming in contact with any above mentioned fluid infected with HIV may lead to AIDS.

Third is by injecting HIV infected blood in blood transfusion, wounds. It also transfers through using infected syringes for injections. That is why drug addicts are prone to get AIDS.


Sudden weight loss in period of one month, continuous diarrhea, vomiting, recurrent respiratory infections and fever are main symptoms. All of these are seen without any significant cause.

Symptoms Of HIV


Of course by having safe sex using condoms can prevent HIV. Having sex with only one partner is advised. Before indulging in sexual intercourse; HIV test should be conducted.

Medical fraternity should be careful in blood transfusion and syringe usage. Syringes should be disposed after single use. If mother is HIV carrier and unknowingly gets pregnant then the child can be saved from HIV by careful medical assistance.

Tips and Cautions

HIV can never be transferred through saliva and sweat. HIV virus can never survive in human gastrointestinal tract. Permanent cure is not yet discovered but prevention is always in our hand

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