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Factors Responsible For Stress And Stroke

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17 February, 2012

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Stroke and stress are, no doubt, related to each other. It is commonly believed that stress is the major cause of stroke. Stress occurs when an individual is not able to cope up with the daily life responsibilities, demands, and duties, in an effective manner.

The life of people has become so busy these days that they seldom get time to take care of their health. If an individual is able to take proper care of his or her health, then the problem of stress would be eliminated on its own, and the risk of being affected by stroke would also be reduced.

Stroke is a health related disorder, in which the brain cells of an individual stop functioning in an appropriate manner due to improper blood flow, eventually leading to speech problems, memory loss, and restricted movement.

Stress And Stroke

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The heart beat also increases as a result of stroke, thus resulting in a heart attack, which is a deadly disease. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the occurrence of stroke, so as to avoid the risk of being affected by heart attack.

Stroke can be prevented by getting rid of stress in life. Before proceeding ahead to discuss about various ways to deal with stress, let us first discuss about a few symptoms of stress.

Symptoms of Stress

Stress can damage both physical and emotional health. The symptoms of stress include backache, headache, tiredness, difficulty in sleeping, depression, irritability, upset stomach, obesity, and drastic weight loss.

Ways To Get Rid of Stress 

There are various natural remedies which can help to get rid of stress, thus helping to prevent stroke. Here are a few effective ways to eliminate stress from life:

Meditation and Yoga

Practicing a healthy lifestyle is very important to get rid of stress from life. Yoga and meditation are the two most successful healthy life practices, which would help in eliminating stress from life.

Meditation and Yoga

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An individual should take out some time daily from his or her hectic schedule for these activities, so that there is no tension and stress in life. This would naturally help in preventing stroke.

Healthy Diet

Eating junk foods and processed foods might also trigger stress. Focusing on a healthy diet, consisting of green vegetables, yogurt, fresh fruits, fish, nuts, and milk, would naturally help in feeding the body with appropriate nutrients, thus helping to eliminate stress from life. A healthy and nutritious diet is one of the best ways to prevent stroke.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking have a major harmful impact on the health of an individual, eventually leading to stroke. Most of the people believe that tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption are stress relievers.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

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However, the truth is that these bad lifestyle habits trigger stress, and damage the health of an individual. So, it is strongly recommended to leave these bad lifestyle habits, and include good lifestyle habits like regular exercise, healthy eating, and yoga to get rid of stress, thus helping to prevent stroke.

Emotional and Mental Balance

Having a control on the emotions is very important to get rid of stress, and consequently to prevent stroke. Problems arise in everybody’s life, and the person who is able to handle all these problems with both emotional and mental control is considered to be a successful person.

Taking tension would not help in solving the problem. So, deal with the situation with cool and calm mind, so as to prevent both stress and stroke.

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