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Effective Treatment To Remove Blood Clots

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11 January, 2012

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Blood flows within our blood vessel and remains constantly in motion as the heart pumps blood to different organs and cells of our body through the arteries. The veins return back the blood to the heart.

In our bloodstream, a complex process exists which works to form clots when they are needed. But if the lining of the blood vessel gets damaged due to injury to the body, platelets are activated and releases chemicals that starts clotting blood along with many other factors produced by the body.

Remove Blood Clots

Blood clot is made when fibrin is formed and lumped together with blood cells. Medical term for blood clot is known as thrombus.

Fibrin is a stretchy, thread like strong protein material that has capacity to absorb blood from cuts and heal them, but they can also make blood clots hard to break down. Various treatments are available to break up the fibrin and destroy the blood clots.

By restricting the blood flow, blood clot can cause blockage to the heart, lungs and brain and destruction to body tissues. This can even lead to heart attack, stroke or paralysis.

Effective Treatment to Remove Blood Clots

To treat blood clots, doctors use anticoagulant medications which are commonly known as blood thinners. These medications not only slow down the process of clotting blood but also prevent blood from clotting further.

Depending on the location of the clot, it is treated with medicine, therapies and other procedures. The main aim of the treatment is to stop blood clot and preventing new clots from forming.

Surgery is rarely used by doctors to remove the clots. Even in life threatening situations, doctors give medicine that can quickly dissolve the clot. The commonly used blood thinners used by doctors today include heparin, warfarin and low molecular weight heparin.

Effective Treatment To Remove Blood Clots

Blood thinners can be used either as an injection, a pill or through a tube or needle that is being inserted into the vein. Warfarin is given to a patient in the form of pill, while heparin is inserted through tube or given as an injection.

Sometimes heparin and warfarin, both are used to treat a patient. For stopping blood clot fast, heparin is used. Warfarin works slowly and takes at least two-three days to work. Once warfarin starts working, heparin is usually withdrawn. But for pregnant women, warfarin can be dangerous. Most often, they are treated with heparin only.

Time and procedure vary, depending on what type of blood clot you have. If you are suffering from deep vein thrombosis, you may be given blood thinner from 3 to 6 months. If someone is getting treatment for cancer or some other treatment, he or she may have to take blood thinners for a longer period, till the risk factors exist.

Side Effects of Blood Thinners

Bleeding is the most common side effect which can occur if the medicine you have been prescribed thins blood too much. This can be life threatening also, especially when there is internal bleeding.

That is why doctors prefer routine blood tests like PT and PTT test to monitor if the dose they have prescribed is optimal. Doctors adjust the dose of blood thinner according to the result of test.

Side Effects of Blood Thinners

Frequent monitoring is essential. Call your doctor immediately, if you are bleeding.The patient who are unable to take heparin, are treated these days with Thrombin inhibitors, which is a recent addition in blood thinning medicine.

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