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Effective Natural Remedies For Hypertension

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23 August, 2011

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Natural Remedies For HypertensionHypertension, which can be called as blood pressure in high measure, affecting between 15 to 30 percent of the adult population of most Western countries, is popularly known by the name of the “silent killer” because its external symptoms are so tough to detect.

Hypertension often comes on in middle age and is likely to affect more men than premenopausal women because of hormonal differences.

As people age, their hearts have to work in a harder manner to pump out blood around the body. Hypertension takes place when the resistance to blood flow increases of the arterioles (smaller blood vessels), the walls of which are muscular in nature. Drugs can be used to dilate them, which cause their resistance to lessen to the blood flow. However, these may have side effects and they can also interfere with the body’s effective use of nutrients.

How To Get Aware Of Hypertension

Generally, normal pressure of blood in human body when measured remains within 130/85. If the measurement results to 140/90 or higher than that, then you may be sure of suffering from high blood pressure.

Common Causes

Hypertension is believed to be caused by problems of kidney or hormonal imbalances, especially malfunctions of the adrenal glands. Sometimes pregnancy or birth control pills can lead to a temporary hypertension. But most people who suffer from high blood pressure have what is termed essential hypertension. Although its cause is not completely understood, genetic factors are implicated as problems. Those apart, environmental factors like noise and stress often appear to be involved as well.

Some Natural Treatment

Diet, first of all, is crucial to be maintained properly in hypertension. Aside from medication, a change to a healthy, well-balanced diet coupled with a reduction in intake of alcohol are often the most essential points to be followed to reduce the risk of strokes that may result from hypertension. Cutting down on salt, avoiding pickled foods, fats, meats, eggs, especially saturated fats, excessive amounts of alcohol are must. And you should eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and also oily fishes.

Garlic, which is considered as a very effective drug for treating hypertension, must be included in diet. Also, Guggul lowers cholesterol levels thereby being a good remedy. You must be sure that there is abundance of minerals like potassium and calcium in foods like rajma, jowar, kabuli chana, bajra, etc. that you should incorporate in your diet chart. A good intake of Vitamin C as well, is required. Fish oils, cod liver oils lower cholesterol levels in blood. Hence, take these in your diet.

You can have a papaya on daily routine but be sure to have that when your stomach is empty. And following that the next 2 hours or so, you shall have to concentrate on not eating anything else. Also, it is very good to have a minimum of 8 to 11 glasses of water which is ionized, regularly.

Last but not the least, regular exercise, mild exercise to be precise, like stretching, walking, free hand exercises, are must to keep blood pressure in control and even maintaining a proper blood cholesterol level. Obesity should be treated essentially in order to curb down hypertension.

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