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Effective Home Remedies For Vomiting

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18 August, 2011

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Effective Home Remedies For VomitingVomiting is a common occurrence and it is also known as emesis. Basically it is due to many health conditions and sickness. Due to contraction of stomach muscles, it is the forceful emission of contents in the stomach. Vomiting occurs when there is an irritation in the functioning of one’s body system.

If you have a mild attack, then you need not to worry as it can be cured easily but in case if it gets worse then you should go to the doctor and get yourself checked. The symptoms of vomiting could be light headedness, increased saliva, dizziness, and change in the skin temperature, difficulty in swallowing liquid or food, increase in heart beat rate.

There are many causes of vomiting like drinking excessive alcohol, overeating, migraine, stomach upset, food poisoning, peptic ulcers, intestinal obstruction, cholera, kidney failure etc. But there is no need to worry as there are many home remedies which can be followed to get rid of vomiting. And surely you will get a relief by following these remedies.

Clove And Orange

If you take a pinch of clove with honey, it will help you to stop vomiting. If you have a motion sickness, then you should take black salt with orange. It will give you a relief.

Lemon And Banana

Smelling a lemon or drinking lemon is also very much useful to stop vomiting. You can also carry a lemon while travelling. During blood stains in the vomit, ripe banana is very useful.

Tamarind And Water Melon Juice

Drinking tamarind juice and water melon juice which should be mixed with sugar would be helpful. It will definitely help you to stop vomiting.

Gooseberry And Sugar Cane Juice

If vomiting occurs during pregnancy then eating gooseberry will help you to stop vomiting. Take honey in sugar cane juice that would also help you.

Roasted Bengal Gram And Basil

Take a spoon of basil juice with honey and roasted Bengal gram powdered (chana) with water. These both remedy will surely give you a relief.

Mint And Neem

Neem leaves should be boiled and filtered in water. Taking this decoction will help you in getting rid of vomiting. Also, drinking mint juice with lemon juice would be helpful.

Onion And Ginger

Onion and ginger remedy is very much helpful to stop vomiting. Taking ginger juice or onion juice would help you. A raw onion can also be taken.

Other Remedies

Black pepper and rock salt is to be sprinkled on a piece of ginger. Then just suck the ginger slowly. This is very helpful. To stop vomiting immediately, you can mix cinnamon powder in honey and it can be taken thrice a day. If you do not feel like drinking or eating anything to stop vomiting then you can try these remedies.

Some wet cloth should be put on the stomach over the navel area .It will cool the stomach and surely help you out to stop vomiting. You can also suck an ice cube .To stop vomiting sensation; you can smell a clove for 20-30 minutes. You will surely get a relief.

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