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Effective Herbal Remedies For Ulcers

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25 July, 2011

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Effective Herbal Remedies For UlcersUlcers cause a lot of pain and make a person’s life miserable. There are different types of ulcers but in this article we are going to discuss peptic ulcer and its herbal remedies. Millions of people worldwide suffer from peptic ulcer and want to avoid medicines to cure it. They initially want to cure it through natural remedies or home remedies.

Peptic ulcer is divided into two types of ulcers such as gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. When ulcer occurs in your stomach it is known as gastric ulcer whereas when it develops in the upper part of your small intestine it is known as duodenal ulcer.

The bacteria mainly responsible for various types of ulcers are H. Pylori bacteria. Such kind of bacteria injure mucosal lining of your abdomen by breaking it down which eventually allows digestive acid to invade your underlying tissues and eat them away which leads to the formation of wound inside your stomach.

Stress, unhealthy foods, lack of sleep, contaminated water etc. lead to the development of different types of ulcers. Given below are some herbs as remedy for different types of ulcers.


The juice of cabbage is considered as an excellent remedy for the treatment of ulcers. You can almost cure peptic ulcers within a week if you consume raw cabbage juice daily on your empty stomach.

But you must wash raw cabbage properly and make sure that it is fresh. If you can’t drink cabbage juice you can eat even raw cabbage for relief from ulcers but it would not be as effective as its juice. Cabbage contains healing properties and many powerful antioxidants which heal your wound inside.


Bilberry is one of the most common and effective herbs used in Russia and other countries to heal and cure ulcers. It contains anthocyanidins and tannins which are membrane-tightening components and powerful antioxidants.

This herb/fruit has anti-inflammatory properties which increase the release of prostaglandins directly into your digestive tract which eventually cool your wound and heal it. You can get its maximum benefits if you consume its juice because its juice contains some properties which inhibit the growth of H.pylori bacteria and also destroy them.

Effective Herbal Remedies For Ulcers

Thus its juice heals ulcers very fast and gives you relief from pain. Its juice is also effective in chronic ulcers. This fruit also reduces the risk of colon cancer and is good for diabetics.


Chamomile is another excellent herb to cure ulcers and other problems related with your stomach. It contains antimicrobial properties and anti bacterial properties which cause great relief to people suffering from ulcers.


Licorice is another excellent herbal remedy for ulcers. Its roots have anti-inflammatory properties which are very beneficial in protecting the walls of your stomach and intestines from various types of acids and harmful chemicals produced inside your stomach. It also reduces the production of acid in your stomach. You can consume it after preparing its decoction or you can just suck its juice from its sticks.


Manuka is also very effective herb in curing peptic ulcer. It destroys the bacteria that aid in the development of ulcer.


Banana and lime are also very beneficial in giving you relief from peptic ulcer.

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