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Effective Anxiety Attack Treatment

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2 January, 2012

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Anxiety attacks can be quite scary. This frightening experience can be very debilitating and calls for immediate attention. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety attack include breathlessness, depression, trembling, hyperventilating as well as fatigue.

Although the factors that trigger a panic attack can be varied, stress, helplessness or a traumatic experience are some of the contributing factors that lead to anxiety.

Anxiety Attack Treatment

In today’s highly stressful life, anxiety attacks are a common condition but fortunately there are a number of ways by which it can be treated. Apart from seeking medical help, anxiety attacks can also be cured by a host of natural remedies which are equally effective.

Understanding the reason which triggers the anxiety attacks and taking proper help can ward off the incidence of panic attacks to a large extent. Read on to know about some effective treatments which can play a key role in not only combating panic attacks but also bringing a sense of tranquility among the anxiety patients.

Effective Anxiety Attack Treatment

Behavioral Therapy

Few things can help an anxiety patient more than behavioral therapy which enables the person to get a grip over his/her fear while also leaving him/her with a sense of relief. This method involves a therapist who talks about the anxiety triggering factor to the patient and helps him overcome his fear by counseling him in a proper way.

Behavioral Therapy

Another effective behavioral therapy involves exposing the patient to the particular thing that sparks off the anxiety attack and then helping him/her through the attack so that his feeling of anxiety gradually fades away. In most cases, after this when the person is exposed to the panic triggering factor, his/her anxiety level decreases to a large degree.


Hypnosis is a technique that is used by psychologists in severe cases of anxiety attacks. Hypnosis continues to remain the most effective treatment for anxiety attacks as it retunes a person’s reaction to the stimuli that triggers the attack.


However, hypnosis is often used at the last-ditch effort to relief an anxiety patient when the rest of the techniques have failed to yield any significant results.


Indulging in regular physical activity is known to be another useful remedy to treat panic attacks. Exercising helps reducing anxiety attacks as it lessens stress while also ensuring that the person has an overall sense of well being.


Medication and controlled breathing are other techniques which can greatly contribute in having a soothing effect on your mind and body. People who suffer from severe anxiety attacks should also practice timed breathing during the attacks until the symptoms gradually subside.


A variety of medications are available which alleviate anxiety attacks and provide relief to the patients suffering from it. However, anxiety countering pills should be taken only after proper consultation with a doctor to avoid any side effects.


When taken as prescribed by the doctor, the medications are highly beneficial in treating the anxiety attacks and reducing the symptoms. Often a combination of behavioral therapy and medications are given to assist the patient in overcoming his anxiety and alleviating his fears.

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