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Diet Plans For Coronary Heart Disease

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26 July, 2011

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Diet Plans For Coronary Heart DiseaseCoronary heart disease refers to a health hazard caused due to narrowing of blood vessels which supply oxygen and blood to the heart.This causes a reduction in blood supply to the heart. Due to reduced blood supply to the heart, the heart stops functioning optimally.

An individual may face pain in the chest due to reduced blood supply. This may put an individual at the risk of being affected by stroke or heart attack, which may at times prove to be fatal. It is essential for an individual to have sound cardiac health, so that he or she is able to live his or her life healthily and safely.

In order to maintain adequate health of the heart, and prevent cardiac problems, it is mandatory for an individual to follow certain healthy dietary and lifestyle practices.

However, before we carry on to discuss about diet plans for coronary heart disease, it is necessary to understand the factors which are responsible for cardiac problems. By eliminating the causes, we would be able to treat and prevent the problem to a great extent.

Causes Of Coronary Heart Disease

There are several causes of coronary heart disease, which have been explained hereunder:

High Cholesterol

Increased cholesterol level is one of the major causes of heart diseases. A rise in the cholesterol level may occur due to increased intake of oily and fatty foods.

High Blood Pressure

The cardiovascular health of a person is at great risk due to elevated blood pressure, which may occur due to a bad lifestyle and increased sodium intake.


This is another factor responsible for heart problems. Increased weight puts pressure on the heart and ruins cardiac health.


Another cause of heart problems is increased blood sugar.

Irregular Exercise

Lack of exercise in the regular routine life also contributes towards heart problems . Due to irregular exercise, the flow of blood to the heart is not carried out appropriately, which causes heart troubles.


Smoking is a great hazard for the heart. It damages the heart very badly and results in stroke or heart attack.

Alcohol Consumption

Another major factor which causes heart related risks is consumption of alcohol.

All the factors discussed here clearly reveal that by improving the lifestyle and following a healthy diet plan, an individual would be able to remain free from heart related troubles. The risk of being affected by coronary heart disease would be prevented with the help of the diet tips discussed in the below section.

Diet Plans For Coronary Heart Disease

Taking care of your diet can be of tremendous help in improving the condition of the heart, hence assisting in prevention of coronary heart disease. Here are a few diet tips which would prove to be of colossal aid in keeping the heart in good state.

Limit The Intake Of Solid Fats

Decreasing the consumption of solid fats such as margarine and butter would aid in keeping the heart healthy.

Diet Plans For Coronary Heart Disease

Lemon juice or herbs can be used in place of butter for adding flavor to the dishes. It is also recommended to trim off the fat from meats before consuming them. Lean meat is a healthier alternative.

Check For Labels

While buying foods, make sure to check the label. Most of the foods labeled “low fat” may actually be prepared with Trans fats, which are risky for the heart. So, avoid packaged foods as far as possible.

Cook High Fat Foods With Low Fat Counterparts

Instead of topping baked potato with butter, yogurt or salsa is a better option. The bread can be coated with spread made of low sugar fruit, in place of margarine. Also, instead of using high fat oils, canola oil, safflower oil, and olive oil are better options.

Avoid Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are extremely harmful for the health of the heart, and should not be included in the diet plan. French fries, burgers, and pizzas are rich and saturated fats, and should be therefore substituted with fresh fruits and green vegetables.

Unsaturated fats like omega 3 fatty acids are good for the heart and ought to be included in the diet. Fish is a very good natural source of this healthy fat and should be incorporated in the diet plan.

Include fiber rich and protein rich foods in the diet. Foods rich in protein and fiber content are good for the heart and help in preventing coronary heart disease. Beans, nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish are rich in protein and fiber content and must be a part of regular diet. These foods help in maintaining optimum cholesterol level and also help in feeding the body with the required nutrients for healthy living.

Reduce The Intake Of Processed Foods

Processed foods are enriched with saturated fats, which are very harmful for heart’s health. So, such foods should not be made a part of regular diet.

Reduced Salt Intake

The consumption of sodium in the diet should be reduced. Low sodium, unsalted or sodium free foods should be chosen, so that the cholesterol level is maintained, and the heart is protected from being affected by major problems. Also, with the help of reduction in salt consumption, blood pressure would be kept under control, consequently avoiding heart problems.

The diet tips discussed in the above section would certainly provide huge assistance in preventing coronary heart disease. Once, an individual is affected by stroke or heart attack, these tips can be helpful in preventing future attacks.  Also, along with following a healthy and nutritious diet plan, it is also important to maintain proper blood circulation throughout the body by way of regular exercises.

A combination of healthy diet and regular exercises would go a long way in maintaining proper cardiac health, consequently preventing the risk of being affected by heart attack. Further, a healthy diet and consistent physical exercise would help in keeping the cholesterol level, blood glucose level, and blood pressure at optimum levels, hence maintaining adequate heart health.

Apart from dietary and exercise factors, it is also essential for an individual to abandon bad lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, in order to live happily and healthily forever, without putting the heart’s health at risk.

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Coronary heart disease refers to a health hazard caused due to narrowing of blood vessels which supply oxygen and blood to the heart.

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