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Dangers Of Silent Heart Attack

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26 March, 2012

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Dangers Of Silent Heart Attack Surprisingly, more than 400,000 healthy Americans die unexpectedly from heart attacks that are massive even though they had no previous symptoms of the disease.

Such people live completely normal lives, are physically active, play tennis and are able to exercise but have no idea that their arteries are clogging up progressively. So if you think that heart attacks are painful, you are wrong.

Heart attacks can sometimes go entirely unnoticed and most of the times it is because of the faulty warning systems for heart disease that consists of network of nerves that encompasses the heart. Because of this, patients do not perceive any chest pain even if there is abnormal blood flow to the heart. ‘Silent’ or Undiagnosed heart attacks are on rise and as many as 65 % of all the heart attacks that occur are silent.

Dangers of Silent Heart Attack

When do Heart Attacks Happen?

A heart attack generally happens when blood clots obstruct the blood flow from arteries to the heart. The condition may cause symptoms like shortness of breath, severe chest pain, nausea and fainting.

However, sometimes heart attacks do not cause any pain and the person experiencing the heart attack is unable to recognize any of its symptoms. Because of this, the person having heart attack or heart-related trouble is unable to seek any help or go to hospital for treatment.

It is only recently that cardiologists have become attuned to prevalence of unrecognized and silent heart attacks. The risk factors for these heart attacks are same as that of regular heart attacks and include diabetes, family history, stress and smoking.


There isn’t really a way to diagnose silent heart diseases or silent heart attacks.

silent heart attack treatment

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However, diagnostic testing can be performed to detect a heart ailment. These tests include electrocardiogram or ECG, detection of cardiac enzymes and a stress test. Detection of cardiac enzymes levels help in finding out the cause behind a heart attack.

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Symptoms of silent heart disease are similar to any other heart disease. If you experience fatigue after normal daily activities, it could be the cause of heart damage. Other symptoms include problems in sleeping and shortness of breath.


There are several ways you can treat and prevent silent heart disease. For example, you can take medications that thin the blood and help the blood travel easily through veins and arteries. Anti-arrhythmics may also be prescribed by your doctor to prevent onset of blood clots.

Other hypertension management techniques can be followed to minimize damage that is caused to the heart and other organs. Controlling diabetes, decreasing triglyceride and cholesterol levels, nesting properly and modifying eating habits can also help. Factors such as diabetes, smoking, drinking, overweight and high blood pressure should be monitored and regulated.

If you have family history of stroll, diabetes or heart disease, you have high chances of developing heart disease even if you have normal cholesterol. Early intervention can really help in such cases. Those people who have family history of heart disease or stroke must make it a point to exercise regularly and follow healthy eating habits.

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