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Cures For Chronic Back Pain

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25 April, 2012

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Cures For Chronic Back PainBack pain is a serious issue. It may not allow an individual to stand, sit or walk properly. Back pain may either be mild or chronic. Chronic back pain may pose several complications and needs proper treatment. Pain in the back should not be ignored at all, and immediate treatment should be taken, so that an individual can live the life in an appropriate manner.

Chronic pain in the back may occur due to several reasons. It may occur due to an injury, lifting heavy objects, rigorous exercises or stress. It is very important to determine the cause of back pain, before finding the ways to treat the problem. In this article, we shall discuss about a few effective cures for chronic back pain.

Cures for Chronic Back Pain


First of all, it is important to take proper rest and take proper care of yourself. However, if within a week, you do not find much relief, then it is strongly recommended to seek medical advice.


Decreased blood circulation in the back may also cause pain. It is suggested to improve the blood circulation in the back by massaging the back with any oil for a few minutes twice or thrice in a day. The tone of the muscles would be improved and you would feel immense relaxation in the muscles with the help of massage therapy.

Cures For Chronic Back Pain

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It is essential that massage is carried out in a proper manner, so that the problem of back pain is solved appropriately. In case of any doubt, you can seek the help of various books which help in teaching adequate massage techniques.

Hot And Cold Packs

Application of hot and cold packs on the back would help in providing immense relief from chronic back pain. It is suggested to apply ice pack on the back for a couple of days as a part of initial treatment. Thereafter, hot packs may be used to cure chronic back pain. A few people may find ice pack to be much better than hot pack. While applying hot pack, it is suggested not to extend it beyond 20 minutes, as extending the time duration may make you feel more stressed out than relaxed.


If pain in the back does not go away with natural methods as discussed above, then you should seek medical help. Doctors often prescribe pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen to reduce the pain in the pain. However, the medicines contain chemicals, which may pose side effects. Stomach irritation is one of the most common side effects of these pain relievers. Therefore, it is suggested to go for pain killers as the last option.


Once the pain in the back is reduced, it is suggested to carry out a few exercises to strengthen the back, so that you can carry out all the functions in an adequate way. Initially, only mild exercises should be carried out and the intensity of the exercises should be increased gradually. However, if you feel any kind of discomfort or pain in the back while carrying out exercises, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice.

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