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Common Signs Of Stroke In Women

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23 February, 2012

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StroStroke In Womenke, also known as Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA), is a disease which affects the brain of an individual. The disease occurs as a result of restricted flow of blood to the brain.

Due to lack of supply of oxygen to the brain, the functioning of the brain gets disrupted, which might lead to a stroke attack. The blood flow may get restricted because of bursting of one of the blood vessels or due to blockage in a blood vessel.

Stroke is classified into two types, viz. hemorrhagic stroke and ischemic, with the former occurring because of bursting of blood vessels, and the latter occurring due to blood clotting.

The cells of the brain are not able to carry out their functions appropriately because of lack of blood supply to the brain, consequently resulting in a stroke. It is very important to treat the disease on time and in an effective manner, so that the condition does not aggravate.

Any kind of negligence may lead to death. Both men and women can be affected by stroke, with the symptoms often differing in both cases. In this write-up, we shall throw light on signs of stroke in women. However, before we proceed ahead to discuss about symptoms of stroke in women, let us first list down a few common symptoms of stroke.

Common Symptoms of Stroke

A feeling of weakness in the body, usually on one side
Sudden impairment in speech
Major headache
Loss of memory
Blurred vision, usually through one of the eyes

Common Signs Of Stroke In Women

Signs of stroke in case of women usually differ from the common symptoms as discussed above. Due to vague signs of stroke in women, the disease often goes undiagnosed, thus posing problems in the long run.

Stroke In Women

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With the help of understanding the symptoms of stroke in women, appropriate action can be taken on time, thus preventing the health from deteriorating in the long run. A few common symptoms of stroke noticed in case of women include the following:

Breath Shortness

One of the common signs of stroke in women is breath shortness. In most of the cases, this sign is perceived as a lung problem, thus resulting in wrong treatment. Therefore, if a woman is suffering from breath shortness, the risk of being affected by stroke should not be ignored at all.


A woman may faint at times due to malfunctioning of the brain. In most of the cases, this symptom is associated with weakness due to improper diet. However, it may be a symptom of stroke.


Unconsciousness is another sign of stroke in women, which often goes undiagnosed.

Stroke In Women

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Another symptom of stroke in women is seizure, which is quite rarely found. This problem arises due to malfunctioning of the brain cells. Apart from the aforementioned signs of stroke in women, a few other symptoms include chest pain, fatigue, nausea, hiccups, coordination problem, and pain in legs and arms.

In case, any of the above symptoms are noticed in women, it is recommended to go for a thorough medical check-up to rule the risk of being affected by stroke.

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