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Common Signs Of Stroke In Men

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23 February, 2012

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Signs Of Stroke In MenA stroke, which may occur in both men and women, refers to a disease which occurs due to sudden and unexpected interruption in the supply of blood to the brain.

Blood circulation in the entire body, including the brain, may not be carried out in a proper manner, eventually leading to stroke. Blood clotting or bursting of a blood vessel may occur as a result of improper blood circulation, thus resulting in damaging the brain cells.

The damaged brain cells are not able to perform their functions and activities in a proper manner, consequently giving rise to a stroke attack. It is very important for an individual to ensure that there is adequate blood supply to the brain, so that the risk of being affected by stroke can be ruled out.

Though both men and women might be affected by stroke, however, the signs of stroke in men may differ from that in women. In this article, we shall discuss about the common signs of stroke in men.

Common Signs of Stroke in Men

Weakness or Numbness in the Body

An individual might feel weakness in one of the legs or hands in case of a stroke attack. Often it might be difficult for a man to move his leg or arm. Numbness on one side of the face might also be noticed in a few cases.


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A man might not be able to stand straight or even walk properly, if he is affected by stroke. A person experiencing stroke might not have a control on his body and even fall to ground at times.

Slurred Speech

Another sign of stroke is slurred speech. An individual may have difficulty in speaking properly, if he is affected by stroke. The pronunciation of the words may not be clear and correct, as one of the symptoms of stroke in men.

Major Headache

Severe headache is also one of common signs of stroke.

Major Headache

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Memory Loss

A sufferer of stroke may feel loss of memory. An individual might not even remember important things as one of the signs of stroke.

Blurred Vision

An individual often finds difficulty in seeing, usually through one of the eyes, as a symptom of stroke. It is very important for a man to closely monitor the above discussed symptoms of stroke, so that timely treatment can be taken.

In case, any of the aforementioned symptoms are left undiagnosed, it may pose problems in the long run. As preventive measures, an individual should leave bad lifestyle habits like alcohol consumption and smoking, go for regular exercise, eat healthy foods, keep the weight under control, and go for regular whole body medical check-up.

Blurred Vision

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It is of no doubt that prevention is always better than cure. So, with the help of taking the above discussed preventive measures, the risk of being affected by stroke can be avoided to a large extent.

The best way to judge if the brain of the person is working optimally is to play crosswords on regular basis. This is the most effective expert advice, which would help in determining the health of the brain.

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