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Common Causes Of Fibromyalgia

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22 March, 2012

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What is fibromyalgia? What causes fibromyalgia? Do you have the answers to these questions? Fibromyalgia is a health disorder associated with arthritis. The problem is often characterized with widespread joint and muscle pain.

An individual may feel quite tired at times due to this health disorder. A sufferer of fibromyalgia may be affected by social isolation and depression at times. It has been observed that the problem of fibromyalgia is more prevalent among women than men.

Causes Of Fibromyalgia

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Amongst various symptoms of fibromyalgia, the most common ones consist of chronic headache, anxiety, abdominal pain, difficulty in sleeping, fatigue and stiffness. It is important to follow proper treatment, so as to get rid of the problem soon.

However, before we understand about the treatment practices, it is essential to know about the causes of fibromyalgia. This write-up basically focuses on the factors responsible for fibromyalgia.

Some Common Causes Of Fibromyalgia


Tension and stress in life have very bad impact on the health of a person. The pain associated with joints and muscles may occur due to extreme stress. Therefore, it is vital for an individual to remain away from stress as far as possible to keep in good health.


Do you think that depression may cause fibromyalgia? Well, the answer to this question is no. The fact is that fibromyalgia may cause depression and anxiety, which may in turn worsen the symptoms of the disease.


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Lack of proper sleep can also result in widespread muscle pain. An individual might feel quiet tired due to improper sleep, thus causing pain in joints and muscles.


Genetic factors may be responsible for fibromyalgia at times. It is very common for a mother having a problem of fibromyalgia to pass the disease to her daughter as a result of similar genes.

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problem of fibromyalgia

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Any kind of trauma in life can be responsible for fibromyalgia. It is vital for an individual to come out of the trauma as soon as possible, so as to avoid any kind of health disorder.

Over Exertion

Over exertion may also be responsible for fibromyalgia. It is important for an individual not to over exert himself or herself, so that the health remains in good condition.

Infectious Illness

Infectious illness is also one of the causes of fibromyalgia. Any kind of disease or illness, which is contagious, may pose the risk of being affected by fibromyalgia.

What causes fibromyalgia? Now you might have got the answer to this question. Now comes the turn of discussing about the treatments for the problem. It is suggested to go for natural treatment options as far as possible to avoid health related compilations in future.

Infectious Illness

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The best treatment options for fibromyalgia include a combination of occupational and physical therapy, following pain management techniques, getting involved in adequate exercises, taking proper rest, getting rid of stress from life, sleeping properly at night and not over exerting. If the problem does not get solved with the help of these natural treatments, it is suggested to seek medical help.

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