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Common Causes Of Coronary Heart Disease

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17 August, 2011

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Common Causes Of Coronary Heart DiseaseCoronary heart disease is a deadly condition in which the heart of a person is at great risk. The condition of coronary heart disease is identified by narrowing of blood vessels which provide oxygen and blood to the heart. Due to improper blood supply to the heart, the heart stops functioning in an optimal way.

This might result in heart problems in the form of stroke and heart attack. It is significantly important for the heart to function in an adequate manner, so that heart troubles can be avoided, subsequently increasing the life span of an individual.

The medical industry is full of several medicines and drugs to treat the problem. However, it is always better to prevent heart problems, so that we do not have to rely on drugs and medicines to remain in good health. By eliminating the causes of coronary heart disease, prevention of the same would become quite easy. So, let us here discuss about several factors which affect heart health.

Causes Of Coronary Heart Disease

Bad Lifestyle Habits

Smoking and alcohol consumption are the two main bad lifestyle habits which deteriorate the health of the heart. These lifestyle habits do not allow the blood to be carried appropriately to the heart, subsequently resulting in heart problems. So, it is essentially important for an individual to leave these bad habits to attain healthy and fit heart.

High Cholesterol

High level of cholesterol is very bad for heart’s health. It puts lot of pressure on the heart, hence resulting in heart failure at times. A rise in cholesterol level mostly occurs due to increased intake of oily foods and irregular exercise.

Therefore, in order to maintain good heart health, it is essential to keep the cholesterol level at an optimum level by doing regular workouts and eating a heart healthy diet. All kinds of junk foods, oily foods, and fried foods should be eliminated from the diet, and fresh vegetables and fruits, enriched with all vital nutrients and antioxidants should be included in the diet.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is extremely risky for the health of the heart. It is one of the main causes of coronary heart disease. Due to increased pressure on the heart, an individual is always at the risk of being affected by a heart attack.

Unhealthy lifestyle and increased intake of sodium in the diet are the major factors which raise blood pressure. So, it is very important to abandon bad lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking, and reduce the intake of salt in the diet, to keep the blood pressure at an optimum level. Also, it is suggested to exercise regularly for maintaining appropriate heart health.

Emotional Stress

Tension and stress are the major tolls on the health of a person. The health of both mind and body are affected due to stress. There are many people who get heart attack due to some family tension, death of a closed one, or any other kind of emotional trauma. It is imperative to overcome the emotional stress soon, so as to reduce the pressure on heart and prevent coronary heart disease.

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