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Common Back Pain Treatment Options

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15 March, 2012

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Back pain is a health disorder in which an individual might feel pain either in the lower back or the upper back. The pain may either be mild or severe. An individual may either suffer from constant pain in the back or may have a sudden pain without any reason.

Whatever be the case, pain in the back should not be ignored and treated properly, so that the condition does not worsen. An individual may even find difficulty in mobility, if the problem is not treated on time.

Back Pain Treatment

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At times, the pain may be accompanied with fever, weakness in legs and abdominal pain. The pain in back may occur due to several factors, like an injury, a surgery, or a traumatic attack. It is vital for an individual to be careful about his or her health and take proper treatment, so as to prevent the problem from aggravating.

With the help of proper exercise and medication, the pain in back can be reduced to a great extent. Here are a few back pain treatment options which would be of immense assistance.

Back Pain Treatment Options

The basic objective of back pain treatment option is to get rid of the pain in the back and restore mobility. A few effective treatment options have been discussed hereunder:


The first and most important back pain treatment option is to take rest. However, it is important to take rest for a short time period, i.e. for a day or two only. Going on a long term bed rest can do more harm than good. After around 42 hours of rest, it is suggested to start doing mild exercises, with walking considered to be the best one.


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Ice Pack

Application of ice pack on the back can also help in reducing pain in the back. An individual would find great level of relief from back pain with the help of this remedy. Also, the inflammation in the back would be reduced by providing cold packs to the back.

Hot Pack

Once the inflammation in the back comes under control it is suggested to provide hot packs to the back. Application of hot packs on the back would help in soothing the connective tissues and muscles of the back, thus speeding up the recovery process.

Hot Pack

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Physical Therapy

Once the pain is reduced to a massive extent, it is advised to go for physical therapy treatment options, which might consist of whirlpool baths, ultrasound, massage and heat application.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening exercises, which lay focus on strengthening the muscles of back and abdomen, are recommended once the back pain gets reduced to a great extent. Lifting exercises and mild stretching exercises are also suggested after a few days to get rid of the pain completely and to promote flexibility and proper posture.

Strengthening Exercises

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Medical Advice

In case the back pain is quite severe, and does not go away with the help of the above discussed remedies, it is suggested to seek medical help. The doctor may advise for an X-ray and then recommend the actions to be taken, so as to treat back pain.

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