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Cholesterol & Joint Pain Treatments

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31 August, 2011

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Cholesterol & Joint Pain TreatmentsCholesterol & joint pain are very closely related to each other. It is true that some level of cholesterol is required by the body to produce certain cell membranes and hormones. However, if the cholesterol level in the body exceeds the optimum level, then it may pose several health related risks like heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and joint pain.

Joint pain, also known as arthritis, may cause severe discomfort, subsequently restricting an individual to live a healthy and fit life. By treating the problem of high cholesterol, joint pain can be treated on its own to a large extent. Both the problems mainly occur due to unhealthy lifestyle; therefore by following certain healthy lifestyle practices, the problems of joint pain and high cholesterol can be dealt very effectively.

Cholesterol & Joint Pain Treatments

Regular Exercise For Cholesterol & Joint Pain

By going for regular workouts, the cholesterol level can be reduced to a great extent. You would be able to maintain a healthy body weight with the help of regular exercise, which would help in reducing the pressure on your joints, consequently assisting in getting rid of pain in the joints. There would be some improvement in the movement and flexibility of the joints, hence making your joints healthy and active.

Healthy Diet For Cholesterol & Joint Pain

In order to treat high cholesterol problem, diet plays a significant role. You need to focus on healthy and nutritious diet, so that the body attains all the vital minerals and vitamins for healthy living. Immense emphasis should be laid on eating fresh fruits and green vegetables, as these foods are incorporated with all the nutrients that are required to sustain healthily in life.

The level of cholesterol would go down considerably if you make it a point to eat healthy foods and eliminate junk foods, processed foods, fast foods, and oily foods from your diet. Also, your joints would be fed properly with the aid of intake of nutritious foods, thus improving their flexibility. Hence, it would be right to state that a healthy diet is a very effectual way of dealing with both cholesterol & joint pain problems.

Alternative Remedies For Cholesterol & Joint Pain

Apart from following a healthy diet and regular exercise program to deal with joint pain and high cholesterol issues, there are certain alternative treatments which are considered to be beneficial with respect to these problems.

Garlic, fish oil supplements (omega 3 fatty acids), barley, red yeast rice, flax seed oil, and artichoke extract are regarded to be quite beneficial with regard to lowering down the cholesterol level of an individual. Among all these alternative treatments, flax seed oil and omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to be effective with respect to reducing the inflammation related to joint pain.

It is always better to follow the above given natural treatments for dealing with cholesterol and joint pain problems. These remedies do not have any side effects, as is the case with prescription drugs and medicines. The drugs that are recommended for lowering down the cholesterol level have joint pain as one of the severe side effects. Therefore, you ought to go for natural solutions, as discussed above, to remain fit and healthy.

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