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Causes Of Vaginal Discharge With Odour

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17 November, 2011

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Vaginal Discharge With OdourVaginal discharge in women is pretty common and one need not worry about or consider it a life threatening condition. However, all vaginal discharges cannot be entirely considered as common as there are certain infections and conditions that lead to vaginal discharge of varying odour and consistency. The idea behind identifying what is common and what is not will help you stay away from illnesses that can even be fatal.

Common Vaginal Discharges

In a woman’s life, she will have to go through vaginal discharges of varying consistency. The ovulation process in a woman’s body will lead to changes in consistency and colour of the vaginal discharge, starting from hazy to clear as the days of ovulation nears. This process is common and there is nothing to worry about.

Menstrual days are also replete with bloody discharge and not a concern until the menstruation is very heavy which could mean some sort of infection in the vagina or cervix.

Uncommon Vaginal Discharge and Odour

Discharge from that vagina that is uncommon needs to be immediately reported to the doctor as it can even be the signs of cervical or ovarian cancer. Here are the symptoms to watch out for.

Fishy Smell

When the vaginal discharge is abnormal and accompanied by a fishy odour, the condition will most probably be that of bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis can be treated at home with a number of home remedies like the intake of garlic, curd and application of diluted tea tree oil etc. which are all anti bacterial in nature.

The condition is also typical of viginitis which is an inflammation of the vaginal tissues due to an irritant. Vaginitis is very common among women who are sexually active, though the condition is not exactly a sexually transmitted one. Depending on what caused the vaginitis, the treatment can vary and in some cases, the above mentioned home remedies too work.

Green/Yellow or Grey Discharge With Foul Odour

Trichomonas is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by parasites. Typical symptoms include foul smelling odour, vaginal discharge that can be greenish, greyish or yellowish in colour and pain, itching and irritation of the vaginal canal, especially during sexual activities.

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Thick and Curdy Discharge

A curdy and thick discharge most often means that you have yeast infection. Such fungal infections can be easily treated with yoghurt. The curdy discharge will be odourless and will also be accompanied by burning sensation, itching and sometimes pain as well during urination. These symptoms are also typical of Chlamydia which needs to be medially treated.

Watery Discharge

Another sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes virus, herpes is characterised by watery discharge and sometime visible warts in the vaginal area. There would be burning and itching as well and also blisters that are open.

Watery discharge with blood stains would also mean atrophic vaginitis which is common among women who have undergone menopause and those who have had their ovaries removed.

Cloudy Discharge

Gonorrhoea is normally without symptoms. But when they appear, there would be inflammation, pain and itching along with a cloudy discharge.

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