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Causes Of Abdominal Fat

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25 January, 2012

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Abdominal fat is a serious issue. Extra fat around the abdominal area may pose several kinds of health related risks like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, which might increase the risk of being affected by heart diseases like stroke and heart attack.

Keeping the body in good shape is very important so as to live a healthy and long life. Increased abdominal fat may occur due to various reasons. A few causes of abdominal fat have been discussed hereunder.

Causes Of Abdominal Fat

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Causes of Abdominal Fat

No Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important activities to keep the body in good health and excellent shape. People who stay away from exercises often have increased body fat. Their energy and metabolism levels are also very low.

They feel tired and exhausted all the time. It is essential for an individual to understand the importance of exercise for losing fat and staying in good health.

With the help of regular exercise, blood circulation in the entire body would be improved, and the energy and metabolism levels would be boosted up. All the excess fat from the body would be lost with the help of doing consistent exercise.

Junk Foods and Processed Foods

People focusing on the ingestion of junk foods and processed foods normally suffer from the problem of abdominal fat. Such foods have high fat content and result in accumulation of fat around the belly area.

Junk Foods

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If an individual has a craving for such foods, then it is important to consume them in limits only and that too occasionally. A person willing to cut down extra abdominal fat should focus on the ingestion of healthy food products like low fat milk, yogurt, fish, green vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Improper Diet Plan

People having an improper diet plan might also have increased fat around the abdomen. It is the common habit of an individual to eat three large sized meals during the day.

As the time interval between each meal is quite big, an individual normally ends up eating more food. This causes weight gain. With the help of following a proper diet plan consisting of five to six small sized meals, the digestive system would remain healthy, and extra body weight would be eliminated gradually.

Lack of Hydration

Lack of hydration is also one of the causes of abdominal fat. People who do not consume sufficient amount of water daily often have extra fat around the belly.

Lack of Hydration

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If a person makes sure to consume around ten glasses of water daily, all the waste material from the body would be eliminated, and the digestive system would remain in good health. This would help in losing fat from the body.

Less Physical Activity

People who like to sit at one place, and do not like to indulge in physical activities usually suffer from the problem of increased abdominal fat. By climbing stairs, doing brisk walking, and getting up to change the channel of television instead of using remote,  you would be able to see an improvement in the weight loss process.

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